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BatteryPete on hand at the 2016 Sailfish Boat Regatta Stuart Florida

BatteryPete at the 2016 Sailfish Boat Regatta Stuart Florida

Gas Alley - 2016 Sailfish Boat Regatta Stuart Florida - What an awesome event!   It\’s overwhelming how many great people are involved in making this event happen. So many, all so wonderful – many thanks to all for bringing us the opportunity to enjoy and experience it!   A weekend filled with fun, food and excitement.   From the wild ride of Jersey Skiffs running 70mph 50 yards off the beach, or the roar of the GP class hydroplanes running well over 170 mph right off the beach.   Side by side action up close and personal.   This year\’s event was nothing less than spectacular when it came to that.   With over a dozen GP boats and their respective teams traveling from all over the states to come here to our backyard competing for the prize.   When it comes to anything with an engine Pete is all over it!  Whether it is a car, truck, boat, motorcycle or something just totally off the wall BatteryPete loves it.

Pete comes from a family that has been around the car world forever so it is in his blood.  His father, Pete Sr, has been a tremendous influence in his life and instilled a love for classic cars.   Pete Sr. was a professional Drag racer back in the 1950\’s and 1960\’s.   Running a few ultra rare Chevrolet Z11 Impalas in AFx (Factory Experimental Class), and several other 409\’s, even a mean 1955 Chevy running another 409 with dual quads.   Then his Grandfather being a Ford guy and dealership owner won him over with his love of the mustangs and cobras of days gone by.   Then comes his uncle with a passion for the water and anything that floats, combined with his interest and nostalgic attitude towards that genre.  GP Class Hydros - 2016 Sailfish Boat Regatta Stuart FloridaThe 2016 Sailfish Boat Regatta in Stuart couldn\’t have happened without his influence and love for these boats of days gone past.  Today we get a glimpse into the past as well in Vintage Alley between all the excitement of the nitro burning Gp boats. 2016 Sailfish Boat Regatta - Vintage AlleyPete has said that some of these old boats give him chills as he ran his fingers down the side of their beautifully detailed and slippery shiny gel coats, feeling the heartbeat of these machines and the history they have within their being.   The wild rides and competition they have endured is unbelievable.   Especially when he described the Tempo V.  1939 Ventnor v-bottom Hydroplane The Tempo V is a 1939 V hull hydroplane powered by a 6 cylinder Flathead Chrysler mil that set the world speed record back in the day.   Piloted by the one and only bandleader Guy Lombardo for many years and to many wins preceding the years of America\’s entry into World War II.  1939 F50 Tempo V powered by chrysler flat head - South FloridaSo Pete took pleasure in reliving this little glimpse of the past and enjoy the action of the day at the 2016 Sailfish Boat Regatta Stuart Florida.&nbsp BatteryPete has brought us back some great footage from the races as usual..   So enjoy!IMG_2246 IMG_2248