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The All New Delta Q QuiQ Battery Charger

The All New Delta Q QuiQ Battery Charger From Delta Q Technologies Delta-Q Technologies has provided quality power management and power conversion solutions that improve the overall performance of your electric vehicle for years. Delta-Q Technologies is a leading provider of battery charging solutions that improve the performance and reliability of electric drive vehicles and industrial […]

How to Determine If Your Golf Cart is Operating On a 36 Volt Or 48 Volt Battery System

What is the voltage of the battery system in my golf cart? This is a common question that you will need to have the answer before you can determine what is the correct battery charger for your golf cart. The easiest way to figure it out is to go take a look at the your […]

F1 and F2 Terminals

F1 and F2 Battery Terminals – What is the Difference Between them?

What is a Faston Connector and What is the Difference Between F1 and F2 Battery Terminals? Faston Connectors and Terminals have been around for decades. They are most commonly used in small requirement power applications because they are not designed for large amperage transfer. They are very convenient to use as they do not require […]


Club Car Battery Charger at Wholesale Prices If you are an avid golfer, you will want to familiarize yourself with the Lester Electric Link Series club car battery charger. The Lester Links series golf cart battery charger is the best golf cart battery charger for your club car. Lester Electric has been manufacturing battery chargers for […]