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Owning an electric golf cart, the battery voltage specs will determine the power which it will receive. When thinking about a  36 volt battery charger, you are looking at a battery bank that is comprised of six 6-volt batteries. I know what you are thinking, if you are using a 36 volt battery charger, why is the cart running on 6 volt batteries? Here is the science behind golf cart batteries. Deep-Cycle Battery Golf carts use deep-cycle batteries. These batteries will look like a car battery, but function differently. Both of these batteries are lead-acid based, but the deep cycle battery will provide the user with a steady current for a prolonged  period of time. On the other hand, a car battery gives the user a high wattage but for a short amount of time. This is due to the fact that golf carts run off the power within the battery. Battery Packs One battery will not do the job. Golf carts run off multiple  batteries. Golf cart batteries come in 6-volt, 8-volt and 12-volt applications. It is the combined voltage of the batteries that will determine the golf carts voltage. Our line of Lester Electric Links Series Golf Cart Chargers is a high quality OEM Alternative at a fraction of the cost. A 36-volt battery charger is your standard solution to maintain and charge the batteries on any 36 volt golf cart. It is easily determined that if your golf cart has 6 batteries. Each battery has three cell caps on the top it is in fact a 36 volt golf cart based on the battery bank. The higher the voltage, the longer period of time the cart can run on one charge. There are 48 volt golf cart chargers, which will be found on golf carts running 8 volt batteries or 12 volt batteries. Upgrading your golf carts battery bank to a higher Ah rating will give it more power and slightly longer run time if this is something important to you. It is also possible to increase the voltage of your golf cart by adding additional batteries if space is available. Though one must keep in mind the OEM wiring and electrical system might need to be upgraded to accommodate the additional voltage. As with the golf cart battery charger. For instance, if you have a 36 volt cart and want to make it 48 volts, you would need to add two additional 6 volt batteries. You can simply buy 12 more volts, or change out your 36 volt charger with a 48 volt charger. You always want the voltage to run in line with the charger and the batteries. Charge Time After every use, you are going to want to use your new 36 volt battery charger to charge your batteries. Some newer models are automated, which regulates the currents and ensures batteries are not overcharged. On older carts, you will need to time the amount of charge the batteries are receiving. You could do this by setting a timer to shut off the charger once the batteries are fully charged. A simplistic way of figuring out how long your batteries need to be charged is, double the amount of time you drove it. Though our line of Lester Electric Golf Cart Battery chargers or even the new line of Delta Q golf cart battery chargers are all plug-n-play. So no need to worry about charge time because these battery chargers are smart chargers that will talk to the carts OBC to determine state of charge on a regular basis until the battery bank is fully charged. At which time the charger will go into a float state to maintain the current state of charge. Learn more about your golf cart battery chargers Battery Performance You want to properly maintain your batteries, as this will prolong their life. Schedule time to maintain your batteries, and ensure safety is intact. If you have one weak battery, it could cause your strong batteries not to work efficiently. With proper maintenance, you will be able to ensure all batteries are working at peak levels. Checking water levels is a periodic task that is important to stay on top of – as is checking the specific gravity of the electrolite solution (acid).  Which is what people usually call the water levels within the batteries.. Customization Any type of customization, has the potential of wearing on your batteries. There is a proper way of hooking up your accessories, so they do not consume too much of your battery life. Typically, most accessories use 12 volts of power. Therefore, you will want to hook them directly to two 6 volt battery packs. If you have too many accessories, you will want to use a different method, as this will cause your battery bank to become imbalanced. In this case, you want to add an auxiliary battery, which is just for the accessories. Get the right 36 Volt Battery Charger for your golf cart at some of the best prices online. View our entire product list.