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What is AGM Battery Technology?

What is AGM Battery Technology

LifeLine AGM BatteryAGM Battery technology has been around for a few decades.  It became popular in the 80’s as a logical sealed lead acid battery alternative for the military.  Specifically in vehicles and UPS systems to reduce weight and improve reliability.

AGM batteries are still comprised of lead and acid, but the acid or sometimes a gel substance is absorbed by fine fiberglass mat, making the battery spill-proof and electrolytes in constant contact with the lead plates.  The lead plates are traditionally designed and made flat to resemble a standard lead acid battery or (BCI Group size).  They can be found in a rectangular or cylindrical shape.  The tradition rectangular shaped batteries tend to perform better than the alternative wound cylindrical shaped battery.  The best performing are the midsize batteries from 30 to 100Ah. Check out a few battery options from our good friends at Odyssey Battery

The leading advantages are they will charge up to four or five times faster than the traditional flooded (Lead Acid) version,  and the ability to deep cycle.  AGM batteries offer a depth-of-discharge of approx. 80 percent; whereas the traditional flooded(Lead Acid) versions are specified at 50 percent DoD (Depth of Discharge) to attain the advertised cycle life. (Life expectancy of your battery)

AGM Batteries have a very low internal resistance, they are capable of delivering high currents on demand and offer a relatively long service life, even when deep-cycled.  AGM batteries are maintenance free batteries that provide great power and reliability.  They stand up well to low temperatures and have a very low self-discharge at less than 1.0% vs Lead Acid batteries at approx. 10% per month.  AGM batteries are commonly found in high-end vehicles to run power-hungry accessories such as stereo, navigation systems, heated seats, steering wheels, mirrors  or new Start-Stop Technology.

Odyssey Batteries 34-PC1500T

NASCAR and other numerous racing leagues choose AGM or Lithium products because they are vibration resistant or lighter in weight.  AGM is the preferred battery for motorcyclists as well.  Do to the fact they are sealed it reduces the eventual acid spillage.  This enables shipment without hazardous material restrictions.  AGM Batteries can be shipped via common carrier. Not to mention they can be installed at odd angles.  The only negatives are slightly lower specific energy and higher manufacturing costs than the good ole’ fashion lead acid alternative.

AGM batteries are also very good performers in cold temperatures so modern day applications have expanded into Marine and RV applications to provide plenty of power to run everything you might need. Check out some of the AGM battery options from LifeLine Battery. Life line makes a great 8D battery found mostly in big trucks, Rvs and large boats or yachts. You will see why batteries like the Odyssey brand are becoming very popular in the sporting and adventuring crowd. They offer numerous smaller batteries that can be positioned in any orientation without issue. Do your own research, decide on the battery you want for your vehicle or application. You can even shop around, and we bet you will be back! BatteryPete has hands down some of the best prices on AGM batteries from these global brands… combine that with Pete\’s free freight program and you will save big!