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New High Performance Bat Caddy Lithium Battery from BatteryPete

BatteryPete is the #1 Source for your new Bat Caddy Lithium Battery

Bat Caddy BatteryIf you are looking for a high quality lithium battery for your bat caddy electric golf trolley look no further. BatteryPete has partnered with a leading lithium battery manufacture to bring to market a safe high performance incredibly long lasting lithium battery to meet the demands of your electric golf caddy. Based on LiFePO4 technology because of the super stable chemistry and the ability to recharge 100\’s of times. Actually the cycle life is over 1000 cycles at 80 DOD(depth of discharge).

This battery technology is more efficient than existing technology. To put into perspective the battery life of this bat caddy lithium battery compared to traditional battery technology it is approximately 5-6 times that of a lead acid batteries without any downside from conversion or safety. The average lithium battery takes just 5-6 hours to get fully charged. Though Battery Pete recommends you also choose from our cell balancing chargers that enable the battery to charge more efficiently and hence last even longer.

Currently your best bet is the Optimate TM-291 Lithium Battery Charger. Lithium battery technology is relatively new to market but has been around for some time. It has been most prevalent in the military. Designed without the use of lead or acid to create the power within it does not emit any harmful gases, and offers protection against short circuit, over charging or over discharging.

This lithium battery will replace – 12v – 16Ah – 20Ah SLA, AGM or lead acid batteries.

This Bat Caddy battery was designed in the USA to be the perfect light weight high performance replacement for your traditional lead acid battery. Perfect for other small scooters, e-bike, wheel chairs/mobility scooters, Bat Caddy or medical equipment! Other applications are medical equipment, UPS systems, 12v / DC Kids Toys and LED lighting. Also a direct replacement to upgrade your Profoto BatPac Portable Power Source or that Sealed lead acid battery in your Bat Caddy. Increase the life cycle and capacity of your Bat Caddy with ease with this new Bat Caddy Lithium Battery. At 19.8Ah this replacement Bat Caddy Battery has more capacity than the manufactures original equipment which was 19.3Ah – and way more capacity than the competitions 16Ah replacement Bat Caddy Battery. This bat Caddy Lithium Battery will work in either Bat Caddy Electric Golf trolley – The famous X3 model or the new x4 model. This battery will basically fit right into the bat caddy battery bag and use the existing terminal connectors. Battery swap time in five minutes or less. Shop Now

BatteryPete offers batteries for all sorts of applications. Whether it is for your TV remote or for your Golf Cart your Boat or RV. BatteryPete carries the Brand names you have come to know and Trust and sells for less. All orders over 100 bucks always ship free freight inside the continental US. So the next time you need batteries – whatever the vehicle or application – think BatteryPete! He will deliver them to your door Fast  n\’ Free! BatteryPete is also proud to be one of the few that recycles all used batteries. So remember to help us help you – Recycle!

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