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BattMobile Gets Battery Upgrade!

Our BattMobile is getting a capacity upgrade!  New Batteries!

The BattMobile is our rolling display for car shows and such – beside being a daily driven work horse.  We added several modern luxuries like a 50\” flat screen tv, dual AC units, computer work station, stereo system, fridge, and all sorts of lighting (T8 tubes, under-carriage tubes, MR16\’s), it just wasn\’t feasible to expect the stock power supply to do the job.  Even if we have a nice generator on board.  

Stay tuned to see what Pete will drop in. Size does Matter!

Stock house bank - Cleaned - sprayed and re-organized



Space is always an issue with newer vehicles and boats.  All of our motorized toys these days are half the size of our fathers\’ or grandfathers\’.  So it is important to take into consideration all of the power requirements your car, truck, boat or RV might need.  Just replacing those old lead acid batteries with new lead acid batteries usually doesn\’t cut it. Those are the same batteries your dad and grandfather used in their cars, trucks and boats 50-60+ years ago.   It is 2014 and battery technology has come a long way since then.  The alternatives might cost more on the front side (initial purchase) but life span, cost of ownership and increase in power and/or capacity is well worth the extra dough.  If you are serious about your toys and depend on battery power to get you back home after the fun is done, then maybe it is time to do the same.  Upgrade!

BatteryPete has two of the best lines of AGM batteries on the Planet!  AGM batteries are a viable alternative to traditional battery technology.  In most cases you can double your capacity and increase the life cycles by 300-400% over lead acid batteries.  LifeLine and Odyssey brand batteries are Military Spec – American made battery technology that works.

If you want to do it right, give BatteryPete a call.  He will figure out how to maximize your space available and deliver as much capacity as possible for years to come.

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    1. Debbie – Thank you for your inquiry. What do you have now Group 31 batteries? Is your Chevy Van the Workhorse model as pictured?

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