Power-Sonic PowerSports Battery PTX20L-BS

$ 100.68

The Power Sonic PTX20L-BS Power Sports Battery is the perfect replacement for your old battery. Found mostly in Motorcycles or Power Sports applications with engines under 1000cc.

Refer to the Power Sonic Application chart to find the battery you need! Click Here 


 Power Sonic PowerSports Battery (PTX20L-BS)

This Battery packs a powerful punch!  The Power Sonic PTX20L-BS Power Sports Battery is the perfect replacement for your old battery.  Found mostly in Motorcycles or Power Sports applications with engines under 1800cc.

The Power Sonic Brand has been manufacturing quality batteries for as long as I can remember!  It is what I use in all my toys and the kids’ toys.  Dependable Long lasting AGM Batteries that get the job done again and again. Pete gives a Thumb’s Up to PS!

Power-Sonic has been a leading force in the global battery business for over 42 years.  Their Company has thrived due to the commitment to provide high quality cost effective batteries, backed by a level of service that is second to none.  Power-Sonic pride themselves on their flexibility and ability to act quickly in bringing new industry leading products to market.  Power-sonic holds ISO 9000 certification covering all aspects of their organization.

Refer to the Power Sonic Application chart to find the battery you need!
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 Features and Benefits:

  • Thru-Partition Construction – Provides shorter current path with less resistance for more cranking power.
  • Special active material in the plates to withstand vibration, prolong battery life and increase dependability.
  • Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) Technology Increases battery cell quality, life cycles and static state of charge over time.
  • Special separator makes the battery spill-proof.
  • Valve regulated design eliminates water loss and the need to refill with acid.
  • Polypropylene Cover and Container Assure reserve electrolyte capacity for cooler operating temperature and gives greater resistance to gas, oil, and impact in extreme weather conditions.
  • Cover is heat sealed to case to further insure against leakage and corrosion.
  • Power Sonic PowerSports Batteries are designed to provide extra strength over OEM batteries.
  • Built in – Safety valve relieves excess pressure


Make & ModelYearEngine size & Options
Arctic Cat
Arctic Cat2006-2012DVX 90
Arctic Cat2009DVX 90 SE
Big Dog
Big Dog 2001-2004Boxer
Big Dog 2001-2011Bulldog
Big Dog2011Bulldog Sport
Big Dog 2003-2007Chopper
Big Dog2005Chopper BDM
Big Dog 2003-2005Chopper DT
Big Dog2005Chopper RT
Big Dog 2009-2011Coyote
Big Dog 2001-2003Husky
Big Dog 2006-2011K-9
Big Dog2011K-9 250
Big Dog 2010-2011K-9 EFI
Big Dog 2001-2011Mastiff
Big Dog 2010-2011Mastiff EFI
Big Dog2008Mutt
Big Dog 2001-2011Pitbull
Big Dog 2001-2002Pro Sport
Big Dog 2004-2011Ridgeback
Big Dog2001Vintage Sport
Big Dog 2001-2011Wolf
Bombardier 2005-2006Outlander 400 HO 4×4
Bombardier 2004-2006Outlander 400 HO 4×4 XT
Bombardier2006Outlander 650 HO EFI 4×4
Bombardier2006Outlander 650 HO EFI 4×4 XT
Bombardier2006Outlander 800 HO EFI 4×4
Bombardier2006Outlander 800 HO EFI 4×4 XT
Bombardier 2004-2006Outlander Max 400 HO
Bombardier 2004-2006Outlander Max 400 HO XT
Bombardier2006Outlander Max 650 HO EFI 4×4
Bombardier2006Outlander Max 650 HO EFI 4×4 XT
Bombardier2006Outlander Max 800 HO EFI 4×4
Bombardier2006Outlander Max 800 HO EFI 4×4 XT
Buell 1997-2002M2 Cyclone
Buell 1997-2001S3 Thunderbolt
Buell 1997-2002S3T Thunderbolt
Buell 1999-2002X1 Lightning
Can-Am2011Outlander 400 EFI
Can-Am 2011-2013Outlander 400 EFI XT
Can-Am 2007-2008Outlander 400 HO
Can-Am 2008-2010Outlander 400 HO EFI
Can-Am 2008-2010Outlander 400 HO EFI XT
Can-Am 2007-2008Outlander 400 HO XT
Can-Am 2011-2013Outlander 500 EFI
Can-Am2013Outlander 500 EFI DPS
Can-Am 2011-2013Outlander 500 EFI XT
Can-Am 2007-2010Outlander 500 HO 4×4 EFI
Can-Am 2007-2010Outlander 500 HO 4×4 EFI XT
Can-Am2010Outlander 500 HO 4×4 EFI XT-P
Can-Am 2011-2013Outlander 650 EFI
Can-Am2013Outlander 650 EFI DPS
Can-Am 2011-2013Outlander 650 EFI XT
Can-Am 2010-2011Outlander 650 EFI XT-P
Can-Am 2007-2010Outlander 650 HO 4×4 EFI
Can-Am 2007-2010Outlander 650 HO 4×4 EFI XT
Can-Am 2007-2010Outlander 800 HO 4×4 EFI
Can-Am 2007-2010Outlander 800 HO 4×4 EFI XT
Can-Am 2011-2013Outlander 800R EFI
Can-Am2013Outlander 800R EFI DPS
Can-Am 2012-2013Outlander 800R EFI X mr
Can-Am2011Outlander 800R EFI X xc
Can-Am 2011-2013Outlander 800R EFI XT
Can-Am 2010-2013Outlander 800R EFI XT-P
Can-Am2011Outlander Max 400 EFI
Can-Am 2011-2013Outlander Max 400 EFI XT
Can-Am 2007-2008Outlander Max 400 HO
Can-Am 2008-2010Outlander Max 400 HO EFI
Can-Am 2008-2010Outlander Max 400 HO EFI XT
Can-Am 2007-2008Outlander Max 400 HO XT
Can-Am2011Outlander Max 500 EFI
Can-Am 2011-2012Outlander Max 500 EFI XT
Can-Am 2007-2010Outlander Max 500 HO EFI
Can-Am2010Outlander Max 500 HO EFI LTD
Can-Am 2007-2010Outlander Max 500 HO EFI XT
Can-Am2010Outlander Max 500 HO EFI XT-P
Can-Am 2011-2012Outlander Max 650 EFI
Can-Am 2011-2012Outlander Max 650 EFI XT
Can-Am 2010-2012Outlander Max 650 EFI XT-P
Can-Am 2007-2010Outlander Max 650 HO EFI
Can-Am 2007-2010Outlander Max 650 HO EFI XT
Can-Am 2007-2010Outlander Max 800 HO EFI
Can-Am 2007-2010Outlander Max 800 HO EFI LTD
Can-Am 2007-2010Outlander Max 800 HO EFI XT
Can-Am 2011-2012Outlander Max 800R EFI
Can-Am 2011-2012Outlander Max 800R EFI LTD
Can-Am 2011-2012Outlander Max 800R EFI XT
Can-Am 2010-2012Outlander Max 800R EFI XT-P
Can-Am 2008-2013Renegade 500
Can-Am 2007-2011Renegade 800
Can-Am 2008-2010Renegade 800 X
Can-Am 2010-2011Renegade 800 X xc
Can-Am 2012-2013Renegade 800R
Can-Am2012Renegade 800R EFI X xc
Can-Am2013Renegade 800R X xc
Excelsior-Henderson 1999-2000Super X
Harley Davidson
Harley Davidson2006FLST Heritage Softail
Harley Davidson 1991-2013FLSTC Heritage Softail Classic
Harley Davidson 2001-2006FLSTCI Heritage Softail Classic
Harley Davidson 1991-2013FLSTF Fat Boy
Harley Davidson 2010-2013FLSTFB Fat Boy Lo
Harley Davidson 2001-2006FLSTFI Fat Boy
Harley Davidson2006FLSTI Heritage Softail
Harley Davidson1993FLSTN Heritage Softail Nostalgia
Harley Davidson 1994-1996FLSTN Heritage Softail Special
Harley Davidson 2005-2013FLSTN Softail Deluxe
Harley Davidson 2005-2006FLSTNI Softail Deluxe
Harley Davidson 1997-2003FLSTS Heritage Springer
Harley Davidson 2008-2011FLSTSB Cross Bones
Harley Davidson 2005-2007FLSTSC Softail Springer Classic
Harley Davidson 2005-2006FLSTSCI Softail Springer Classic
Harley Davidson2010FLSTSE CVO Softail Convertible
Harley Davidson 2001-2003FLSTSI Heritage Springer
Harley Davidson 1995-2010FXD Dyna Super Glide
Harley Davidson 2007-2010FXDB Street Bob
Harley Davidson1992FXDB-D Dyna Glide Daytona
Harley Davidson2006FXDBI Street Bob
Harley Davidson1991FXDB-S Dyna Glide Sturgis
Harley Davidson 1992-2010FXDC Super Glide Custom
Harley Davidson 2005-2006FXDCI Super Glide Custom
Harley Davidson 2008-2010FXDF Fat Bob
Harley Davidson2010FXDFSE2 CVO Dyna Fat Bob
Harley Davidson 2004-2006FXDI Dyna Super Glide
Harley Davidson2006FXDI35 Dyna 35th Anniversary Super Glide
Harley Davidson 1993-2009FXDL Dyna Low Rider
Harley Davidson 2004-2006FXDLI Dyna Low Rider
Harley Davidson 1994-2000FXDS-Conv Dyna Convertible
Harley Davidson 1993-2010FXDWG Dyna Wide Glide
Harley Davidson 2004-2006FXDWGI Dyna Wide Glide
Harley Davidson 1999-2005FXDX Dyna Super Glide Sport
Harley Davidson 2004-2005FXDXI Dyna Super Glide Sport
Harley Davidson 2001-2003FXDXT Dyna Super Glide T-Sport
Harley Davidson 1999-2007FXST Softail Standard
Harley Davidson 1999-2009FXSTB Night Train
Harley Davidson 2001-2006FXSTBI Night Train
Harley Davidson 1991-2010FXSTC Softail Custom
Harley Davidson 2000-2007FXSTD Softail Deuce
Harley Davidson 2001-2006FXSTDI Softail Deuce
Harley Davidson 2001-2006FXSTI Softail Standard
Harley Davidson 1991-2006FXSTS Springer Softail
Harley Davidson 1995-1997FXSTSB Bad Boy
Harley Davidson 2001-2006FXSTSI Springer Softail
Harley Davidson 2008-2010VRSCAW V-Rod
Harley Davidson2008VRSCD Night Rod
Harley Davidson 2008-2010VRSCDX Night Rod Special
Harley Davidson 2009-2010VRSCF V-Rod Muscle
Harley Davidson 1997-2003XL1200C Sportster 1200 Custom
Harley Davidson 1997-2003XL1200S Sportster 1200 Sport
Harley Davidson 1999-2003XL883C Sportster 883 Custom
Harley Davidson 2002-2003XL883R Sportster 883 Roadster
Harley Davidson 1997-2003XLH1200
Harley Davidson 1997-2003XLH883
Harley Davidson 1997-2003XLH883HUG Sportster 883 Hugger
Honda 2002-2007AquaTrax F-12
Honda 2002-2007AquaTrax F-12X
Honda 2005-2007AquaTrax F-12X GPScape
Honda2009AquaTrax F-15
Honda 2008-2009AquaTrax F-15X
Honda2008AquaTrax F-15X GPScape
Honda 2004-2006AquaTrax R-12
Honda 2003-2007AquaTrax R-12X
Honda 2001-2005GL1800 Gold Wing
Honda 2007-2013GL1800 Gold Wing Airbag
Honda 2001-2012GL1800A Gold Wing ABS
Honda2013GL1800B Gold Wing F6B
Honda2013GL1800B Gold Wing F6B Deluxe
Honda 2006-2013GL1800HP Gold Wing Audio/Comfort
Honda 2006-2010GL1800HPN Gold Wing Audio/Comfort/Navi
Honda 2006-2010GL1800HPNA Gold Wing Audio/Comfort/Navi/ABS
Honda 2006-2008GL1800P Gold Wing Premium Audio
Honda 2004-2005NRX1800 Rune
Honda 2003-2005TRX650FA FourTrax Rincon
Honda 2006-2013TRX680FA FourTrax Rincon
Honda 2006-2009TRX680FGA FourTrax Rincon GPScape
Honda 2002-2008VTX1800C
Honda 2005-2008VTX1800F
Honda 2004-2009VTX1800N
Honda 2002-2008VTX1800R
Honda 2002-2006VTX1800S
Honda 2007-2008VTX1800T
Kawasaki 1996-2003JH1100 1100ZXi
Kawasaki 2001-2004JH1100 Ultra 130
Kawasaki 1999-2005JH1200 Ultra 150
Kawasaki 1995-1997JH750 750ZXi
Kawasaki 1995-1997JH900 900ZXi
Kawasaki1995JS750 750SX
Kawasaki 1998-2002JS750 SXI Pro
Kawasaki 2003-2010JS800 800 SX-R
Kawasaki 1997-1999JT1100 1100STX
Kawasaki 2002-2005JT1200 1200STX-R
Kawasaki 2003-2007JT1200 STX-12F
Kawasaki 2009-2010JT1500 STX
Kawasaki 2004-2010JT1500 STX-15F
Kawasaki 2007-2008JT1500 Ultra 250X
Kawasaki 2009-2010JT1500 Ultra 260LX
Kawasaki 2009-2010JT1500 Ultra 260X
Kawasaki1998JT750 750STX
Kawasaki 1996-1997JT750 STS
Kawasaki 2001-2002JT900 900STS
Kawasaki 1997-2005JT900 900STX
Kawasaki 2001-2008KAF620 Mule 3000
Kawasaki 2001-2008KAF620 Mule 3010 4×4
Kawasaki 2005-2008KAF620 Mule 3010 Trans 4×4
Kawasaki 2001-2003KAF620 Mule 3020
Kawasaki 2009-2013KAF620 Mule 4010 4×4
Kawasaki 2009-2013KAF620 Mule 4010 Trans 4×4
Kawasaki2009KRF750 Teryx 4×4
Kawasaki 2009-2012KRF750 Teryx FI 4×4
Kawasaki 2009-2012KRF750 Teryx FI 4×4 LE
Kawasaki2012KRF750 Teryx FI 4×4 LE SGE
Kawasaki2009KRF750 Teryx FI 4×4 LE Sport
Kawasaki 2009-2012KRF750 Teryx FI 4×4 Sport
Kawasaki2009KRF750 Teryx NRA Outdoors
Kawasaki2012KRT750 Teryx4 4×4
Kawasaki2012KRT750 Teryx4 4×4 EPS
Kawasaki2012KRT750 Teryx4 4×4 EPS LE
Kawasaki2012KRT750 Teryx4 4×4 EPS LE Camo
Kawasaki 1982-2001KZ1000C/P Police
KTM 2008-2011 450 EXC-R
Moto Guzzi
Moto Guzzi2010 California Vintage
Sea-Doo 1990-1991 GT
Sea-Doo 1992-1993 GTS
Sea-Doo 1992-1993 GTX
Sea-Doo 1989-1993 SP
Sea-Doo1993 SPI
Sea-Doo1993 SPX
Sea-Doo 1991-1993 XP
Suzuki2005 QUV620F
Triumph 2004-2010 Rocket III
Triumph 2006-2009 Rocket III Classic
Triumph 2007-2011 Rocket III Classic Tourer
Triumph 2011-2012 Rocket III Roadster
Triumph2012 Rocket III Touring
Triumph 2010-2012 Thunderbird
Triumph2010 Thunderbird ABS
Victory 2006-2008 Arlen Ness Jackpot
Victory 2009-2010 Arlen Ness Vision
Victory2003 Classic Cruiser
Victory 2008-2010 Cory Ness Jackpot
Victory2010 Cross Country
Victory2010 Cross Roads
Victory 2005-2010 Hammer
Victory2010 Hammer 8-Ball
Victory 2007-2010 Hammer S
Victory 2004-2010 Kingpin
Victory 2008-2010 Kingpin 8-Ball
Victory2009 Kingpin Low
Victory 2007-2009 Kingpin Tour
Victory 2003-2006 Touring Cruiser
Victory 1999-2002 V92C
Victory 2001-2002 V92C Deluxe
Victory 2000-2001 V92SC
Victory2002 V92TC
Victory2002 V92TC Deluxe
Victory 2003-2010 Vegas
Victory 2005-2010 Vegas 8-Ball
Victory 2006-2010 Vegas Jackpot
Victory 2008-2009 Vegas Low
Victory2010 Vision 8-Ball
Victory 2008-2009 Vision Street
Victory 2008-2009 Vision Street Premium
Victory 2008-2010 Vision Tour
Victory2009 Vision Tour 10th Anniv.
Victory 2008-2009 Vision Tour Comfort
Victory 2008-2009 Vision Tour Premium
Yamaha 1973-1974 TX750
Yamaha 1999-2003 XV1600A Road Star
Yamaha 2000-2003 XV1600AS Road Star Midnight
Yamaha 1999-2003 XV1600AT Road Star Silverado
Yamaha 2004-2007 XV1700A Road Star
Yamaha 2004-2007 XV1700AM Road Star Midnight
Yamaha 2004-2007 XV1700AT Road Star Silverado
Yamaha 2004-2007 XV1700ATM Road Star Midnight Silverado
Yamaha 2011-2014 XVS13 Stryker
Yamaha 2007-2014 XVS1300 V Star 1300
Yamaha 2013-2014 XVS1300 V Star 1300 Deluxe
Yamaha 2007-2014 XVS1300A V Star 1300 Tourer
Yamaha 1996-1998 XVZ1300A Royal Star
Yamaha 1999-2001 XVZ1300AL Royal Star Boulevard
Yamaha 1996-2000 XVZ1300AT Royal Star Tour Classic
Yamaha 1997-2009 XVZ1300CT Royal Star Tour Deluxe
Yamaha 2006-2007 XVZ1300CTM Royal Star Midnight Tour Deluxe
Yamaha 2008-2009 XVZ1300CTS Royal Star Tour Deluxe S
Yamaha 1999-2009 XVZ1300TF Royal Star Venture
Yamaha 2002-2007 XVZ1300TFM Royal Star Midnight Venture
Yamaha 2009-2013 XVZ1300TFS Royal Star Venture S
Yamaha 2000-2004 YFM400 Big Bear 2×4
Yamaha 2000-2006 YFM400 Big Bear 4×4
Yamaha 2007-2012 YFM400 Big Bear IRS 4×4
Yamaha 2007-2008 YFM400 Grizzly 4×4 Auto
Yamaha 2000-2002 YFM400A Kodiak
Yamaha 1996-2002 YFM400F Kodiak 4×4
Yamaha 2007-2014 YFM450 Grizzly 4×4 Auto
Yamaha 2011-2014 YFM450 Grizzly 4×4 Auto EPS
Yamaha 2009-2010 YFM450 Grizzly 4×4 Auto IRS
Yamaha 2003-2006 YFM450F Kodiak Auto 4×4
Yamaha 2006-2010 YFM450FX Wolverine 4×4
Yamaha 1998-2001 YFM600FW Grizzly 4×4
Yamaha 2002-2008 YFM660F Grizzly 4×4
Yamaha 2007-2014 YFM700 Grizzly FI 4×4 Auto
Yamaha 2007-2014 YFM700 Grizzly FI 4×4 Auto EPS
Yamaha 2009-2014YFM700 Grizzly FI 4×4 Auto EPS SE

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