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Eagle Performance Series 48V 18Amp

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Made in the USA. Why it matters: Superior craftmanship; rigorously tested; high-quality parts. DeltaVolt¨ charging technology consistently and safely recharges batteries to 100%, proving longer run times and battery life.

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The newly redesigned Eagle Performance Series i4818CH is a 48v 18-amp portable smart golf cart charger. The Eagle i4818CH features DeltaVolt charging technology and the DeltaView Link which allows you to monitor your batteries via an iOS or Android device. The DeltaVolt charging technology charges the battery fuller giving the batteries more runtime, which typically extends the life of the batteries. The Pro Charging Systems i4818CH is a versatile charger that ships with an SB50 connector directly in the housing. This flexibility allows the customer to select the proper accessory cable for their golf cart and offers you the ability to charge more than one type of golf cart or 48v application with the same charger. This product kit ships with the 602SB50GRY Cable Assembly, which has an SB50 on one end that plugs into the charger and an SB50 Grey connector on the other end. The charger features an LED battery charge level indicator. Once the charger has fully charged the battery pack the Eagle turns off completely a goes into a maintenance mode. Should the batteries discharge the Eagle Charger automatically reactivates the charge circuit and bring the batteries back to 100% charge. Eagle Performance Series Chargers use a proprietary method of adjusting charge algorithm to compensate for temperature thus improving battery charge quality and safety. Safe for Flooded, AGM and can be set for Gel type batteries. Dependable, rugged construction. DeltaVolt – Intuitive 5 Stage Charge Technology with Float Maintenance. Exclusive on-board Diagnostics. High-Visibility, easy to read charge indicators. Controlled Fan cooling. Spark Free hook up. Spark Free Hook Up. Reverse Polarity Protection. Over Voltage Protection. Short Circuit Protection. Thermal Protection. 3 Year Warranty! FULLY REPAIRABLE in the field! Not a throw away! MADE IN THE UNITED STATES – Just outside Music City USA!

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Weight 28 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 8.5 × 5.75 in


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