The BatteryPete Batt Mobile

Battery Pete was on hand at this year’s Festival Holiday Car Show!

Pete brought out the Batt Mobile to share with all his Gearhead friends what’s new in the battery world for MotorSports and PowerSports.

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Showcasing the new line of Full Spectrum Lithium batteries for all the bike guys out there.Full Spectrum P1 12 volt Lithium Ion (LiFePO4) Starting Battery d

BatteryTender even has a new line of Lithium batteries. Lithium battery technology is becoming more and more prevalent in the world. Safer, more affordable and longer lasting  than anything before now. Lithium batteries last 5x longer than traditional lead acid  batteries. They will not leak all over your cruising machine and are on average half the size and 10lbs lighter weight.


Pete had other batteries and battery related items on hand just in case. Which came in handy for a few being our old toys do break down on occasion. Especially the battery if the car tends to sit around for longer periods of time than our daily drivers.

The BatteryPete - Batt Mobile

The BatteryPete – Batt Mobile

That’s where a good battery charger or maintainer comes in handy. has it all! Pete offers a wide range of options… more and more of them are being added every day. Whatever your battery or battery related needs might be Pete has what you need. For Less!

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