Battery Pete's 1995 Tropica

Battery Pete’s 1995 Tropica Restoration Project

1995 Tropica Restoration Project

Everyone knows Pete is a gear head if there ever was such a person. His love for cars and passion for anything with a motor to propel him faster than his two legs will allow consumes him. So the latest addition to his collection is a super rare electric car that was ahead of its time. But due to the current affordability of good battery technology in the 1990’s it had a very short production number. Built by Renaissance Cars a newly formed venture by the founder of the Sebring-Vanguard Motor company, founding father was the creator of the Citi-car Bob Beaumont. Click here to learn more about his story and journey to building his dream car. Pete found his latest project at a car show/swap meet. As usual Pete never goes to these shows to buy anything. He is the only person I know that buys a car on accident! They just find him – as he loves to restore them to their former glory and has the means and know how to get the job done right! Battery Pete's 1995 Tropica Battery Pete's 1995 Tropica Battery Pete's 1995 Tropica Battery Pete's 1995 Tropica Pete’s plans for Tropica number 007 is to restore to its former glory with some slight drive train and battery upgrades to make it more practical to use around south Florida. Stay tuned for more pictures and images as the project unfolds.
Battery Pete's 1995 Tropica
The Tropica finally arrives to HQ in South Florida.
This images shows where we already pulled the bumper to access the battery train and power this car up to see what we are working with. Follow this link to see – Additional Photos and Info about this rare electric car.