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Best Business to Start – Empowering Passion

Best Business to Start – Empowering Passion

The end of another year is here. What have you done or accomplished this year? Anything notable or exciting? I have completely turned my life upside down in the matter of months. Most guys go buy a sports car when they hit their mid-life crisis. Not me – On my birthday this year I went to work like any other day sat down at my desk turned on my computer then…. WHAM!!!!! It hit me like a ton of bricks. My reality – My destiny should I remain in Corporate America in my current capacity. Growing old indoors – watching life pass me by – develop vitamin C and D deficiency from lack of sunshine – terrible posture from sitting for long periods of time and hunched over a computer and desk – and surely several more things I just cannot think about at this moment. That day I turned 40 years old – I quit my nice cush 40-45hr a week salaried job putting in my two weeks notice – put up for sale almost all my toys I’ve accumulated over the years “Note I said almost all my toys – not all my toys” – this little note will prove I am not crazy!

Rare Lotus Esprit For Sale

She will be missed dearly!

1966 Shelby Cobra for sale

Pete’s 66′ Shelby Cobra Replica






My rare Lotus Esprit V8 Twin-turbo – loved that car…. My 66′ Shelby Cobra replica – loved that car too… My Totally custom C3 Corvette – and all sorts of things that did not serve me – just brought enjoyment and aggravation. Some more than others….Only to create something that is taking on a life of it’s own already. BatteryPete is growing by the day. They say being in this industry is one of the best businesses to start in this day and age with all the technology out there in the world. But, as I see it you must truly be passionate about what you do to be successful and fulfilled. It also helps you develop the skills or knowledge base required to own and operate the business in question while staying focused. It is actually quite painful for me right now and without the passion that creates the drive and willingness to do more and more I would have thrown in the towel. I am basically still a one man band. All the calls and demand out there for batteries, LED lighting or Solar Power solutions is good for my business but sure taxing me and putting pressure on the infrastructure. We are still shipping on time and meeting demand or deadlines thanks to the network I created for shipping fulfillment, but all the other things involved with running and developing a business still fall squarely on my shoulders and need to get done. I do love it even if the work week is extended and my days are long! Creating something, helping people, planning and building a business that is mine, being able to make decisions and act on them immediately. Not living in the corporate world of meetings and meetings only to have meetings about the meetings and indecisiveness everywhere. Freedom to work when and where I want. Lets face it – with the invention of the computer coupled with the internet and now smart phones you can conduct and operate business from almost anywhere. Now comes the first of many to come – BatteryPete in Brick and Mortar! January 1st 2015 in lovely South Florida!

Battery Recycling

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Batteries For Less!

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