12 volt 9Ah Battery – F2 1290

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PowerKing 12 volt 9Ah Battery – F2 Terminals

PowerKing Batteries are a quality alternative to your OEM replacement battery at a fraction of the cost. Replace your old battery today with a PowerKing Battery and have peace of mind knowing it will deliver the power requirements your device needs again and again. Common devices these batteries are found in might be alarm systems, emergency lighting, medical devices, generators and backup power systems and devices.

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12 volt 9Ah Battery – South Florida

Power King Valve Regulated batteries are designed with AGM technology, high performance plates, and high performance electrolyte to generate extra power output for common backup power supply applications. Widely used in the field of UPS and Emergency Lighting. This 12 Volt 9Ah battery is an excellent value.  Shipping (1) 12 volt 9Ah battery from south florida. This PowerKing 12 volt 9Ah Battery is a quality alternative to your OEM replacement 12 volt 9 Ah battery at a fraction of the cost. All of BatteryPete PowerKing or PowerSonic SLA batteries shipping from south florida  in sizes ranging from 5Ah to 75Ah offer similar performance curves in laboratory tests. So why pay more?  Replace yours today with a PowerKing or PowerSonic 12v 7ah Battery and have peace of mind knowing it will deliver the power requirements your device needs again and again. These batteries are totally sealed and can be shipped common carrier directly to your front door. SLA batteries in general are found in a wide range of applications from  alarm systems, emergency lighting, medical devices, generators and even kids toys.  

Features :

  • Sealed and maintenance free operation,
  • Non-spillable construction design
  • ABS containers and covers
  • Safety valve installation,
  • High quality and high reliability.
  • Deep discharge recovery performance
  • Low self-discharge characteristics
  • Multiple install positions


  • 12 volt 9 Ah
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 5.95″ (L) x 2.54″ (W) x 3.66″ (H)
  • 5.71 (lbs)
  • 12 volt 9.0 Ah Battery used for Alarms, Lighting, Electronics, Emergency Systems, Medical Devices, Scooters, Solar Power, Wheelchairs, etc
  • PowerKing 12 volt 9Ah battery will usually ship within 1 Business Day. Based on location, delivery typically takes 1-3 Business Days.
  • Note: estimated delivery date does not accurately reflect the shipping speed chosen.
NOTE – Please determine the correct Faston connectors required for your application. F1 or F2 Terminals… Visit our blog to learn more about Faston Connectors and Terminals. Also Note – This 12 volt 9Ah Battery will increase battery life by approx. 25 %… Direct replacement over 12 volt 7.0Ah, 12 volt 7.2Ah, and 12 volt 7.4Ah batteries.

Common Use Application

Access SLAA80108G,Best Technologies Fortress 1422,Mennon Medical 936S Monitor Access SLA1272,Best Technologies Fortress 1050,Mennon Medical Cardiac Output Mon Access SLA1270YFR,Best Technologies Fortress 1425,Mennon Medical 965 Monitor/Defibrillator Access SLA1270GS,Best Technologies LI-660VA,Mennon Medical 965 Mon/Defib Access SLA1270,Best Technologies Patriot 420,Mennon Medical 936 Defib Access SLA1265,Best Technologies Fortress 1020,Mennon Medical 742 Portable Monitor Air Shields Medical 2B NarcoMed Anesthesia Unit,Best Technologies Patriot 600,Mennon Medical Monitor/Defibrillator 936S Air Shields Medical 3B Anesthesia Unit,Best Technologies Patriot Pro 2,Mennon Medical 936050010 Air Shields Medical 2A NarcoMed Anesthesia Unit,Best Technologies SPS450,Mennon Medical 936 Monitor Alpha Technology ALI 1000,Black and Decker CST1000 Type 4 Cordless String Trimmer,Mennon Medical 936 Monitor/Defibrillator Alpha Technology ALI 1250,Black and Decker 78354 Type 1 9 Cordless Trimmer Edger,Mennon Medical 936S Defib Alpha Technology ALI 600,Black and Decker CST1000 Type 2 Cordless String Trimmer,Mennon Medical 936S Monitor/Defibrillator Alpha Technology ALI 800,Black and Decker 78354 Type 4 9 Cordless Trimmer Edger,Mennon Medical Monitor/Defibrillator 865 Alpha Technology ALI 2400,Black and Decker CST1000 Type 5 Cordless String Trimmer,Mennon Medical Monitor/Defibrillator 936 Alton-tol 8 Super Recorder,Bladez eLite 250,Mennon Medical 700 Portable Monitor Alton-tol Z1000 Recorder,Boreem Ironman XR,Mennon Medical 865 Monitor/Defibrillator Alton-tol Super 8 Recorder,Casil CA1270,Mennon Medical Portable Monitor 742 Alton-tol Dash 1,Concealite F5-12-90,Mennon Medical Portable Monitor 700 Alton-tol Mark 2,Concealite F5-12-2,Mennon Medical Monitor/Defibrillator 965 Alton-tol Dash 4,Concealite F5-20-90,Merich 450 Alton-tol Dash 2,Critikon 7350,Merich 350 Alton-tol 5A000285000,Critikon 7300 Cardiac,Merich 450C Belkin F6C800,Kontron KAAT II,Universal 40800 Belkin Universal 1200,Kontron 205 Monitor,Universal UB1272 Belkin Omniguard 1100,Kontron 7640 Monitor,Universal 40760 Belkin Pro F6C700,Kontron MicroMonitor 7142 ECG Monitor,Universal UB1270 Belkin Pro NETUPS F6C700,Kung Long WP7-12,Upsonic Might 35 Belkin Regulator Pro Net 700,Kung Long WP8-12,Upsonic PC Mate 55 Belkin Universal 1000,Kung Long WP7.2-12,Upsonic Station 140A Belkin F6C700-EUR,Laerdal Heart Aid 95,Vision CP1275 Belkin F6C700,Laerdal HeartStart 1000 Training Battery,Vision CP1270 Belkin F6C450-EUR,Laerdal 1000 HeartStart Training Battery,Vision CP1272 Belkin F6C450,Laerdal Heartstart 3000 – Training,Volcano KB1270 Belkin F6C1272-BAT-NET,Laerdal Cardiac Resucitator Heart Aid 95,X-Treme X-400 Belkin F6C1270-BAT-RK,Laerdal Heartstart 1000 – Training,Yuasa NP7-12 Belkin F6C120,Leadman UPS500,Yuasa 12V 7Ah Belkin F6C100-UNV,Leadman UPS300,Yuasa NP712250 Belkin F6B750-AVR,Leoch LP12-7.0,Yuasa 12V 7.5Ah Belkin F6C1500ei-TW-RK,Marquette DC612,Yuasa NP7-12F1 Belkin Universal 800,Marquette 421559,Zapotek RX-510N 3M Healthcare Delphen 7000,Best Technologies Patriot 280,Marquette 32132 American Hospital Supply 9510A Monitor,Critikon Cardiac 7300,Merich 850C American Hospital Supply 9510 Computer,Critikon Cardiac 7350,MGE ES8+ American Hospital Supply 9510 Monitor,Critikon 320319,MGE ESV13 Amstron SRE-2010C,Critikon 7300 Cardiac Output Computer,MK WP7-12 Amstron Outdoor Elite,Critikon 7350 Cardiac Output Computer,MK ES7-12 Amstron SRE-2010E,Critikon 7300,MK WP7-12 Amstron SRE-2010,Critikon Cardiac Output 7350,Mongoose Micro-3 Amstron Elite,Critikon Cardiac Output 7300,Mongoose M-200 Amstron 12V 7Ah,Critikon 7350 Cardiac,Motorola 350 Amstron AP-1272F2,CSB XTV1272,Narco Narkomed Anesthesia Cart 3 Amstron Platinum Elite Brooks,CSB GPL1272,Narco Narkomed Anesthesia 2B Amstron Alpine II Standard Stair Lift,CSB EVX1272,Narco Narkomed Anesthesia 3B Amstron 1000 Outdoor,CSB GP1275,Narco Narkomed Anesthesia 4 Amstron Elite Curve,CSB GP1272,Narco Narkomed GS Amstron CRE-2110,CSB GP1270 F1,North American Drager Anesthesia Machine 2B Amstron Perch Lift,CSB FP1270,North American Drager 2A Anesthesia Machine Amstron External Lift,Currie E-Ride Electric Mountain Bike,North American Drager 3B Anesthesia Machine Amstron MT120,Cutter Labs 4088,North American Drager 2B Anesthesia Machine Amstron MT140,Cutter Labs 4000 Infusion Pump,North American Drager 3 Anesthesia Machine Amstron MT160,CyberPower Systems OfficePower CPS900AVR,North American Drager Anesthesia Machine 3 Amstron SL600,CyberPower Systems CPS650SL,North American Drager Anesthesia Machine 2A Amstron SL600HD,CyberPower Systems OfficePower CPS700AVR,North American Drager B Anesthesia Machine Amstron Apline II Signature Stair Lift,CyberPower Systems CPS500SL,North American Drager Anesthesia Machine B Amstron Pinnacle Heavy Duty,Datascope Anestar,North American Drager Anesthesia Machine 3B Amstron Pinnacle Premium,Dewalt 371411-00,Ohio Medical Products Oximeter 5000 Amstron CSL500,Dual Lite 12-879,Ohio Medical Products 5000 Oximeter Amstron RP350S,Dual Lite 12-803,OneAC ON600A Amstron Curved Lift,Dual Lite 12-621,OneAC ON900A Amstron Sterling 950,Dyonics Orthoscopic 85,Opti 420E Amstron 1000 XXL,Dyonics R40,Opti 280e Amstron CRE-2110C,Dyonics R60 Orthoscopic Surgical,Pace MiniPack 3100 Amstron CRE-2110E,Dyonics Orthoscopic R60,Pace MiniPack 300 Amstron Outdoor Elite Curved,Dyonics 40,Pace 800+ Vitalmax Amstron Sterling 950 Plus,Dyonics Orthoscopic 40,Pace 3100 MiniPack Amstron Simplicity Plus,Dyonics 85 Orthoscopic Surg,Pace 3000 MiniPack Amstron Simplicity,Dyonics 60 Orthoscopic Surg,Pace Vitalmax 800+ Amstron Sterling 1000,Dyonics 40 Orthoscopic Surg,Pace MiniPack 3000 Amstron Sterling 2000,Dyonics 85,Pace 300 MiniPack Amstron Van Gogh,Easy Options 400AV,Panasonic LC-R127R2P Amstron Rembrandt,EFI Languard 600,Panasonic 12V 7.5Ah Amstron Vermeer,EFI LanGuard 675,Panasonic LC-127R2P Amstron 2000 Outdoor,Elk ELK-1270,Panasonic LC-R127R2P-F1 Amstron RP350,Elk ELK-1280,Para Systems Minuteman 250 Amstron Gold Stairlift,EnerSys 12V 35Watt,Para Systems Minuteman 600SS Amstron 120 Sit or Stand Stair Lift,EnerSys 12V 7Ah,Para Systems Minuteman AT650 Amstron 120 Perch Stair Lift,EnerSys NP7-12,Para Systems Minuteman 3000CP Amstron 180 Curved Stair Lift,EnerSys NP712250,Para Systems Minuteman 300SS Amstron Outdoor Stairlift,EPD Grizzly 500VRS,Para Systems Minuteman 600 Amstron Straight Stairlift,EPD Grizzly 300VRS,Para Systems Minuteman 1000 Amstron HW20,EPD Grizzly 500,Para Systems A750 Amstron 12V 7.2Ah,EPE Technologies Integrity IS-1122-11 TS,Para Systems Minuteman 450 Amstron 12V 7.5Ah,Exide OneUPS,Para Systems Minuteman 900SS Amstron HW 10,Exide 6V6K,Para Systems MinuteMan PLM1250 Amstron Helix Curved Stair Lift,Fenex FX2002,Parks Medical 1102 Compressor Amstron Outdoor Stair Lift,Fenton Technologies PowerPure M2000,Parks Medical 1010 Bidirectional Doppler Amstron Rubex,Fenton Technologies PowerPure M3000,Parks Medical 3000 Mini LAB #4 Amstron Silver,Fenton Technologies PowerPure M1000,Parks Medical 1105 Compressor Amstron Horizon Outdoor,Fenton Technologies PowerPal L425,Parks Medical Compressor 1102 Amstron Horizon,Fenton Technologies PowerOn H8000,Parks Medical Compressor 1103 Amstron Curved Platinum,Fenton Technologies PowerOn H010K,Parks Medical Compressor 1105 Amstron Straight Platinum,Fenton Technologies PowerOn H3500,Parks Medical 1103 Compressor Amstron 12V 7Ah,Fenton Technologies PowerOn H5500,Portalac PX12072 Amstron 12V 35Watt,Fenton Technologies PowerOn H6000,Portalac PE12V7 Amstron AP-1270F1,Fenton Technologies PowerOn H4000,Power-Sonic PS-1280 Amstron Curved Stairlift,Ferno-ille 1600 Lift Chair,Power-Sonic PS-1270 Amstron Vesta,Ferno-ille 3000 Lift Chair,Power-Sonic 12V 7Ah Amstron 120 Straight Stair Lift,Fullriver DC7-12,Power-Sonic PS-1272 Amstron Rave,GE Medical Cardiac Output 7350,Rhino SLA7-12 APC BackUPS Pro 500U,GE Medical Cardiac Output 7300,Ritar 12V 7Ah APC BackUPS 250B,General Power GPS5006,Ritar RT1275 APC BackUPS Pro 350U,Genesis NP712250,Ritar RT1270E APC BackUPS Pro 420,Genesis NP7-12,Ritar 12V 7.5Ah APC BackUPS Pro 420C,Global Yuasa ES7212,Ritar 12V 7.2Ah APC BackUPS Pro 420PNP,Global Yuasa ES712,Ritar RT1280 APC BackUPS Pro 420S,Global Yuasa ES7-12,Ritar RT1272 APC Professional PowerCell,Go-Ped ESR750EX,Safe SM650 APC SmartUPS VS420,Go-Ped ESR750,Safe 650 APC SmartUPS 600LS,Gould 47319101000,Scooter SPS500AT APC SmartUPS 600,Gould Physiological Mon.,Siemens Narkomed Anesthesia 4 APC SU48XLBP,Gould SP2009 Recorder,Siemens Narkomed Anesthesia Cart 3 APC SmartUPS 420NET,Gould 47786101000,Siemens Narkomed Anesthesia 3B APC SmartUPS 420,Gould Blood Flow Monitor,Siemens 350 Transport Monitor APC BackUPS Pro 500CLR,Gould SP2004 Blood Flow Monitor,Siemens Narkomed Anesthesia 2C APC PRO 350 USB,Gould SP1405 Physiological Monitor,Siemens Narkomed Anesthesia 2B APC PowerCell Personal,Gould SP1405,Siemens Narkomed GS APC BackUPS Pro 280S,Gould PB1260 – CHK DIM,Sola 510 APC BackUPS Pro 280PNP,GS Storage PE12V7,Sola 900VA APC BackUPS Pro 280C,GS Storage PX12072,Sola 310A APC AP360SX,GS Storage PWL12V7,Sscor SSCORT II AE6969 APC AP360,GS Storage PE12V7.2F1,Sscor SSCORT IV APC AP600,GS Storage PE12V7.2F2,Sscor SSCORT JR APC BackUPS 400,Haze HZS12-7.5,Sscor 3001 APC AP330XT+,Hewlett Packard PowerWise L900,Sscor SSCORT Suction Units APC AP330,Hewlett Packard PowerWise 2100,Sscor VAC Stat Suction Units APC BackUPS 280,Hitachi HP7-12,Sscor VACSTAT Portable Suction APC BackUPS 280B,Hoffman Laroche Monitor 108,Sscor 40014 SSCORT4 PacVac APC BackUPS Pro 280BPNP,Hoffman Laroche 7141 MicroMonitor ECG Mon,Sscor 30012 APC Personal Powercell,Hoffman Laroche 7143 MicroMonitor ECG Mon,Sscor 90022 Suction APC BackUPS Pro 280,Hoffman Laroche 7640 MicroGas BloodGas Mon,Sscor 30002 Portable Suction APC BackUPS 400B,Hoffman Laroche Monitor 205,Sscor 10002 Portable Suction Unit APC BackUPS 500M,Hoffman Laroche MicroMonitor 7143 ECG Mon,Sscor 30011 APC BackUPS 500MC,Hoffman Laroche MicroGas 7640 BloodGas Mon,Sscor 40002 Portable Suction APC BackUPS 300,Hoffman Laroche MicroMonitor 7141 ECG Mon,Sscor AE6960 Arrow International 205 Monitor,Hoffman Laroche Monitor 105,Sscor AE6969 SSCORT II Arrow International Cardiac Output 7300,IBM OfficePro,Sscor IV SSCORT Arrow International 105 Monitor,IBT BT7-12,Sscor PacVac Suction Units Arrow International Combo Sensor,IBT BT7.5-12,Sscor 40013 Arrow International 7141 Monitor,Interstate 12V 7.5Ah,Stryker Neptune Rover Gold Arrow International 7142 Monitor,Interstate SLA0124,Tempest TR7.5-12 Arrow International KAAT II,Interstate BSL1075,Tempest TR7.2-12 Arrow International 7640 Monitor,Invivo Research Inc. 1500 Omega 5000 Blood Pressure,Tempest TR7-12 Arrow International Cardiac 7350,Invivo Research Inc. 1100 Omega Blood Pressure Monitor,Triad UPS600 Arrow International 7350 H Infant Monitor,Invivo Research Inc. Omega 5000 Blood Pressure 1500,Tripp Lite 450 Arrow International Cardiac Output 7350,Invivo Research Inc. Omega 5000 Blood Pressure 1600,Tripp Lite BCPRO1400 Arrow International Cardiac 7300,Invivo Research Inc. Omega 500 Blood Pressure 1500,Tripp Lite BC400 Standby UPS Astro-med Inc. Z 1000 Graphic Recorder,Invivo Research Inc. 500 Omega,Tripp Lite BCPERS450 Astro-med Inc. AstroMed Recorder Dash IV,Invivo Research Inc. 1600 Omega 500 Blood Pressure,Tripp Lite Internet Office 500 Astro-med Inc. AstroMed Recorder Mark II,Invivo Research Inc. 1000 Omega Blood Pressure Monitor,Tripp Lite OM1995 Astro-med Inc. AstroMed Recorder Dash II,Invivo Research Inc. Omega 500 Blood Pressure 1600,Tripp Lite BC500 LAN Astro-med Inc. AstroMed Recorder Dash I,Invivo Research Inc. 1600 Omega 5000 Blood Pressure,Tripp Lite BC450 Astro-med Inc. 8 AstroMed Super Recorder,Invivo Research Inc. Omega 500,Tripp Lite BC420 ATT 500VA,Invivo Research Inc. Omega Blood Pressure Monitor 1100,Tripp Lite BCINTERNET550 ATT 515,Invivo Research Inc. Omega Blood Pressure Monitor 1000,Tripp Lite BC3348 ATT 450,Invivo Research Inc. 1500 Omega 500 Blood Pressure,Tripp Lite BC325A ATT AT-500,Kontron 105 Monitor,Tripp Lite BC300 Internet BB BP7.5-12,Kontron 7640 MicroGas,Tripp Lite BCINTERNET450 BB EP7-12,Kontron 7142 MicroMonitor ECG Monitor,Tripp Lite OmniPro 850 BB BPL7.5-12,Kontron 7640 BloodGas Monitor,Tripp Lite Smart 400 BB BP7-12,Kontron 7141 Monitor,Tripp Lite Smart 500 BB BPL7-12,Kontron 7142 Monitor,Tripp Lite TE1200 BB EVP7-12,Kontron 4615,Tripp Lite TE700 BCI International 58200A Vital Signs Monitor,Kontron 7142 ECG MicroGas Monitor,Tripp Lite BCINTERNET500 BCI International Vital Signs Monitor,Kontron Combo Sensor,Union MX-12070 F1 BCI International BC1270,Kontron MicroGas 7640,Union MX-12070 BCI International 700 Monitor,Kontron Cardiac Output 7350,Unipower MPS 1200 BCI International 6100 Monitor,Kontron Cardiac Output 7300,Unison PS6  

Additional information

Weight 5.71 lbs
Dimensions 5.95 × 2.54 × 3.66 in


Optional Terminals


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