6 volt 4.5Ah Battery – F1 645

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PowerKing 6 volt 4.5Ah Battery – F1 Terminals

PowerKing Batteries are a quality alternative to your OEM replacement battery at a fraction of the cost. Replace your old battery today with a PowerKing Battery and have peace of mind knowing it will deliver the power requirements your device needs again and again. Common devices these batteries are found in might be alarm systems, emergency lighting, medical devices, generators and backup power systems and devices.

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6 volt 4.5Ah Battery – South Florida

Power King Valve Regulated batteries are designed with AGM technology, high performance plates, and high performance electrolyte to generate extra power output for common backup power supply applications. Widely used in the field of UPS and Emergency Lighting. This 6 Volt 4.5Ah battery is an excellent value.  Shipping (1) 6 volt 4.5Ah battery from south florida. Deep cycle battery plates have thicker active plates, with higher-density active paste material and thicker separators. The amount of alloy used for the plate material in deep cycle batteries will be greater than that of starting batteries. Thicker battery plates resist corrosion and extended charge and discharge cycles. This PowerKing 6 volt 4.5Ah Battery is a quality alternative to your OEM replacement 6 volt 4.5 Ah battery at a fraction of the cost. All of BatteryPete PowerKing or PowerSonic SLA batteries shipping from south florida  in sizes ranging from 5Ah to 75Ah offer similar performance curves in laboratory tests. So why pay more?  Replace yours today with a PowerKing or PowerSonic 6v 4.5ah Battery and have peace of mind knowing it will deliver the power requirements your device needs again and again. These batteries are totally sealed and can be shipped common carrier directly to your front door. SLA batteries in general are found in a wide range of applications from  alarm systems, emergency lighting, medical devices, generators and even kids toys.  

Features :

  • Sealed and maintenance free operation,
  • Non-spillable construction design
  • ABS containers and covers
  • Safety valve installation,
  • High quality and high reliability.
  • Deep discharge recovery performance
  • Low self-discharge characteristics
  • Multiple install positions


  • 6 volt 4.5 Ah
  • F1 Terminal
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 2.77″ (L) x 1.76″ (W) x 3.97″ (H)
  • 1.83 (lbs)
  • 6 volt 4.5 Ah Battery used for Alarms, Lighting, Electronics, Emergency Systems, Medical Devices, Scooters, Solar Power, Wheelchairs, etc
  • PowerKing 6 volt 4.5Ah battery will usually ship within 1 Business Day. Based on location, delivery typically takes 1-3 Business Days.
  • Note: estimated delivery date does not accurately reflect the shipping speed chosen.
NOTE – Please determine the correct Faston connectors required for your application. F1 or F2 Terminals… Visit our blog to learn more about Faston Connectors and Terminals.

Common Use Application

Abbott Laboratories 75 Life Care Breeze Dual Lite ERS ECL-1 Panasonic 6V 5Ah Abbott Laboratories Life Care 75 Breeze Dual Lite SDG Panasonic LC-RB064P Access SLA650 Dual Lite EPP Panasonic LC-R6V4ML2 Access SLA640 Dual Lite 12-295 Panasonic LC-R6V4TL Access SLA642 Dual Lite 12-255 Panasonic LC-R6V4PT Ademco 25389 Dual Lite EDS Panasonic LC-R6V4PL Ademco 25404 Dual Lite CLA-106 Panasonic LC-PB064P ADI 25389 Dual Lite BDG Panasonic LC-PR064P ADI 25404 Eagle Picher CF6V4 Panasonic LC-R064PUL Alaris Medical Intell Pump 2001 Easy Options 250VA Panasonic LC-R064R2CH Alaris Medical 4400 Vital Check Monitor Elk ELK-0640 Panasonic LC-R064R5P Alaris Medical Intell Pump 821 Elk ELK-0650 Panasonic LC-R065P Alaris Medical 2001 Intell Pump EnerSys NP4-6 Panasonic LC-R456P Alaris Medical Intell Pump 522 EnerSys NP4.5-6 Panasonic LC-R6V4 Alaris Medical 4410 Vital Check Monitor EnerSys 6V 5Ah Panasonic LC-R6V4BP Alaris Medical 821 Intell Pump EnerSys 6V 4Ah Panasonic LC-R6V4BP1 Alaris Medical 4415 Vital Check Monitor EnerSys 6V 4.5Ah Panasonic LC-R6V4BP2 Alaris Medical 4510 Vital Check Monitor Exide M-100 Panasonic LC-R6V4ET Alaris Medical 522 Intell Pump Exide PB-100 Panasonic LC-R6V4MC2 Altronix SMP10PM24P8 Exide M-126 Panasonic LC-R6V4P Altronix SMP10PMC24X Exide Q-6 Panasonic LC-R386P Altronix SMP16PMC12X Exide Q-4 Philips A-1 BP Monitor – M3923A Altronix AL1002ULADAJ Exide Q-5 Portalac PE6-4 Altronix AL1012ULACMCBJ Exide 6V6 Power Patrol SLA0905 Altronix SMP10PM24P8CB Exide SSG Power Tech Off Road Rebel American Hospital Supply 9009183 Exide S-100 Power-Sonic 6V 4Ah American Hospital Supply Microrate Infusion Pump Exide E-Exit Power-Sonic 6V 4.6AH American Hospital Supply 522 Plus Exide 6GC012E Power-Sonic 6V 5Ah American Hospital Supply 521 Plus Exide 6GC012D Power-Sonic 6V 5.5AH Amstron AP-650F1 Genesis NP4.5-6 Power-Sonic 6V 4.5Ah Amstron AP-660F1 Global Yuasa ES46 Power-Sonic 6V 5.5Ah Amstron AP-640F1 Global Yuasa ES4-6 Power-Sonic 6V 4Ah Amstron 6V 4.5Ah GS Storage PE6V4.5F1 Power-Sonic 6V 5Ah Amstron 6V 4Ah GS Storage PE6-4 Power-Sonic PS-640 Amstron 6V 5Ah Hawker Cyclon 6V 5Ah Power-Sonic 6V 4.5Ah APC BK200 Haze HZS6-5 Prescolite E81914000 APC BackUPS 250 Hitachi HP4-6C Prescolite ERB-0604 APC BackUPS 1250B IBT BT4-6 Prescolite 12-255 APC AP200 IBT BT4.5-6 Protection One BT0008N APC 200DL IBT BT5-6 Protection One BT1040N APC BackUPS BK200B Impact Instrumentation Suction Pump 305 R&D 5269 APC BK200B Impact Instrumentation 315 Suction Pump R&D 5637 APC SmartUPS 250 Impact Instrumentation 305 Suction Pump R&D 5374 APC SmartUPS 400 Impact Instrumentation 305G Suction Pump Rhino SLA4-6 APC BackUPS BK200 Impact Instrumentation 305GR Suction Pump Ritar RT650H At-Lite 24-1001 Interstate BSL0905 Ritar 6V 4.5Ah At-Lite 24-1002 Interstate SLA3031 Ritar 6V 5Ah Atlite C12C Interstate 6V 5Ah Ritar RT645 Atlite 241001 Interstate SLA0905 Ritar RT650 Atlite 241002 Interstate 6V 6Ah Ritar 6V 5.5Ah B.Braun Intelligent Infusor Pump 2001 Interstate SLA0915 Ritar RT655 B.Braun Intelligent Pump 521 Plus Interstate SLA3050 Ritar 6V 4Ah B.Braun Intelligent Pump 522 Interstate BP640 Siemens 341R Cardiac Transport Monitor Baxter Healthcare Oxysat Meter SM-0200 Interstate SLA0906 Silent Knight 5207 Transmitter Baxter Healthcare Ericsson Stat Meter SM0200 Interstate SLA0913 Silent Knight 5207 Baxter Healthcare 821 Microate INF Pump Interstate SLA0918 SL Weber PowerHouse 420T Baxter Healthcare 522 Microate INF Pump Interstate SLA0919 SL Weber Upstart Baxter Healthcare Ericsson Stat Meter SM02 Interstate SLA3040 Sonnenschein 2145101200 Baxter Healthcare 522 Cardiac Output Computer Interstate SLA0830 Sonnenschein S100 Baxter Healthcare 521 Microate INF Pump Interstate PC640 Sonnenschein 3TX25 Baxter Healthcare 2001 Microate INF Pump John Deere Utility Tractor IGED1064 Sonnenschein 103103 Baxter Healthcare Ericsson Stat Meter Jolt SA645 Sonnenschein 103101 Baxter Healthcare Cardiac Output Computer 522 Jolt JP640 Sonnenschein 100204010 Baxter Healthcare SM0200 Bentley Oxygen Kaufel Kaufel 002019 Sonnenschein 1000010145 Baxter Healthcare Bentley Oxygen Kaufel Kaufel 002027 Sonnenschein 6V4.6AH BB BP4-6 Kung Long WP4.5-6 Sonnenschein SSG BB BP4.5-6 Kung Long WP4.5-6C Sonnenschein 6V/4AHSP BB BP5-6 Kung Long WP5-6 Sonnenschein S300 BCI International 7000 Oximeter Kung Long WP4-6V0 Sonnenschein 3TX2K BCI International 70000A1 Kung Long WP4-6C Sonnenschein 6V/4AHSP Belkin BU304000 Kung Long WP4-6 Sonnenschein 6V4.6 Bird Products Avian Portable Ventilator 15365 Ladd Steritak J3000 Inter Cranial Pressure Monitor Sonnenschein CR64.5 Cas Medical 9000 Blood Pressure Monitor Leadman LU-650A Sonnenschein DM1 Cas Medical 9000 Leoch lp6-6.0 Sonnenschein DM2 Casil CA645 Life Line H102 Communicator Sonnenschein A506/4S Casil CA640 Life Line HC102 AutoDial Sonnenschein A5004S Chloride 100-001-0145 Life Line HC102 Home Unit Sonnenschein A206/4S Chloride 100-001-075 Light Alarms E8 Sonnenschein A206/4K Chloride 100-001-131 Light Alarms FL LL6 Sonnenschein NGA51204D2HSOSA Chloride 100-001-145 Light Alarms SGL-D Sonnenschein S200 Criticare Systems 502 Pulse Oximeter Light Alarms SQL Sonnenschein S6246IS Criticare Systems 504 Pulse Oximeter Light Alarms DS3 Sonnenschein A206/46 Criticare Systems 504US Pulse Oximeters Light Alarms DM3 Sonnenschein A50642S Criticare Systems Pulse Oximeter 502 Light Alarms CE1-5BS Sonnenschein A5064 Criticare Systems TLCO2 Light Alarms CE1-5BN Sonnenschein A506/42K Criticare Systems 506 Pulse Oximeter Light Alarms CE1-5BL Sonnenschein 7895391 Criticare Systems END/TLC02 Pulse Oximeter Light Alarms CE1-5BF Sonnenschein 7190390 Criticare Systems Pulse Oximeter 50245 Light Alarms CE1-5AA Sonnenschein 789539100 Criticare Systems Pulse Oximeter 50445 Lithonia ELB0604 Sonnenschein A206/3.8K Criticare Systems 50445 Pulse Oximeter Lithonia ELBLL-BE-2 Sonnenschein A206/3.8SK Criticare Systems Pulse Oximeter 506 Lithonia ELB06042 Sonnenschein A206/4 Criticare Systems Pulse Oximeter DXN Mcgaw 821 Intelligent Pump Sonnenschein A506/4.2S Criticare Systems 50245 Pulse Oximeter Mcgaw 522 Intelligent Pump Sonnenschein A506/4.5K Criticare Systems Pulse Oximeter END/TLCO2 Mcgaw 521 Plus Sure-Lites 26-02 Criticare Systems Pulse Oximeter 504 Mcgaw 521 Intelligent Pump Sure-Lites 26-117 Criticare Systems 652008 Mcgaw 2001 Intell Pump/Infusor Sure-Lites 26-78 Criticare Systems 504 MK ES3-6 H Tempest TR6-6 Criticare Systems 506 MK ES3-6H Tempest TR5-6A Criticare Systems 503 MK ES4-6 Tempest TR4-6A Criticare Systems 502 National Power GS012P1 Tripp Lite BC Internet 325 Criticare Systems 502US Pulse Oximeters National Power GS020Q2 Tripp Lite BC400 LAN Criticare Systems Pulse Oximeter National Power GS012P3LL Tripp Lite BC Personal 250 Criticare Systems Pulse Oximeter 504US National Power GS012P2 Tripp Lite BC250 CSB GP645 F2 Nellcor N-600 Oximax Tripp Lite Internet Office 325 CSB GP645 Nellcor NPB 190 Tripp Lite OmniSmart 280 CSB GP640 F2 Nellcor NPB 3910 Tripp Lite TM 420 CSB GP642 Nellcor NPB 195 Union MX-06045 CSB GP645F2 Nellcor NPB 290 Union PW0604 CSB GH640 Nellcor NPB 390 Union MX-06040 CSB GP640 Nellcor NPB 295 Unison 600 Dantona LEAD 6V 5P Nellcor NPB 3900 Unison DP800 Datex Pulse Oximeter 504US Nellcor NPB 3930 Unison DP1000 Datex Aestiva 5/7100 Compact Nellcor Quick Sign Universal D5733 Douglas Guardian DG64WL Nellcor NPB 600 Universal UB645 Douglas Guardian DG64 Nellcor NPB 595 Vision CP656 Douglas Guardian DG6-5F Nellcor NPB 395 Vision CP650 Douglas Guardian DBG64WL Nellcor NPB 3940 Vision CP645H Douglas Guardian DBG64 Panasonic LC-R6V5P Vision CP645 Douglas Guardian DG65 Panasonic LC-RB0604P Vision CP642 Douglas Guardian DBG6-5F Panasonic LC-RB064R2P Volcano KB640 Douglas Guardian DBG65F Panasonic LC-S064R1PU Wang PowerUPS 250 Douglas Guardian DBG65 Panasonic LC-S416P Yuasa NP4.5-6 Douglas Guardian DG65F Panasonic LC-S416PCU Yuasa 6V 4.5Ah Dual Lite RLP Panasonic 6V 6Ah Yuasa 6V 5Ah Panasonic LC-R064R2P Yuasa NP4-6  

Additional information

Weight 1.83 lbs
Dimensions 2.77 × 1.76 × 3.97 in


Optional Terminals


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