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Super B -12v Lithium Battery (LiFePO₄) SB12V15P-EC

$ 853.09

Lightweight Lithium Ion starter battery, 5.5 lb / 2.5 kg, specially developed for racing cars up to 3 litre using alternator.


Super B -12v Lithium Battery (LiFePO4) SB12V15P-EC

Super B batteries are based on Lithium Iron Phosphate technology (LiFePO4); the safest Lithium Battery currently available.  These Lithium Ion batteries weigh up to 80% less than conventional lead acid batteries, and take less than 1/2 the space.  Super B makes one Awesome 12v Lithium Battery (LiFePO₄)!  Benefits including long service life and low self discharge make this lithium battery perfect for numerous applications. These batteries are fantastic for aquatic vehicles, cars and trucks, especially if you plan to race.  Are you into racing cars, trucks, bikes or boats? The Super B Orange Top 12v Lithium battery (LiFePO₄) was specifically designed for racing applications where performance and weight are important factors. It has more power and less weight than lead acid batteries.  Car/Truck/Boat (“Starting “applications”)

F.I.M. / Stock Racing

The F.I.M. modified the regulations for stock racing regarding battery use. Article Battery: The Battery may be replaced. If replaced, its nominal capacity must be equal to or higher than the Homologated type. The F.I.M. has approved the super B battery for use as replacement battery.


• Recharges much faster – Can be fully charged in 15 minutes • Longer service life- An average of 2000 to 4000 charge / discharge cycles • Incredible small size – 1/3 of the size of a conventional lead acid battery • Weighs less – Up to 80% weight saving • Low self discharge – Only 10% per year • High temperature starting – High temperature operating range For more information regarding our products, please visit

Additional information

Weight 7.9 lbs
Dimensions 4.7 × 3.2 × 7.1 in



900A (at 1 second) 720A (at 10 seconds)


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super B -12v Lithium Battery (LiFePO4) SB12V15P-EC Race Car Battery