How to select the correct Golf Cart Battery Charger

So you think you need a new golf cart battery charger for your Golf Cart?  Why?  Does your golf cart not work anymore?  Was it working fine before you left for vacation and now nothing works?  Does the golf cart work for a mile or so then the power dies rapidly?  Or does your golf cart battery charger make noise when turned on?  Or does the only work when you jiggle the golf cart battery charger connector you plug into your golf cart?  These are all questions I have asked over the years to determine if in fact a customer might need a new golf cart battery charger.  In a lot of cases it turns out the golf cart battery charger is operating fine and the actual problem is the golf cart batteries.  BatteryPete has numerous options to replace those dead golf cart batteries.  We can ship golf cart batteries to most locations in the continental US.  Checking your golf cart batteries to determine if they are still good or will need to be replaced is a different topic and discussion to be covered in a separate article.  Our blog I believe covers the basics. So, let’s assume we have good batteries and you know you need a new golf cart battery charger because someone stole your other one off your porch.  Or because the battery charger got wet and shorted out.  Whatever the case may be – you need a new Golf Cart Battery Charger. How do you know what brand, make, or model to purchase?  The internet is overwhelming with options for a consumer to purchase any given product developed under the sun.  So ole’ BatteryPete here is going to save you the hassle of looking and researching wondering and so on, while your golf cart is sitting in the garage with dead batteries and all you want to do is charger those batteries up so you can enjoy your golf cart once again.  I have been in the battery business for quite some time.  Helping people power their passion one product or purchase at a time.  I personal hate customer service because it usually means a customer is upset about something or another related to a product they purchased from us or tried to purchase and something went wrong.  I’d rather take the call about someone wanting to replace old batteries or any other product they purchased from us 4 or 5 years ago.  They where so good, lasted so long, and how BatteryPete had some of the best prices and fasted shipping, or greatest customer service to answer all my questions phone call.  I like those – so I do like customer service most of the time.  We will only sell the best products from the global brands you know and trust.  We just offer them for a little less than most.  So we only sell Lester Electric Golf Cart Battery Chargers.   Lester Electric has been manufacturing golf cart battery chargers for years and years… I have heard stories about the same charger worked for our cart for 23 years or some ridiculously long time that makes you say “WOW”!  That must be one good golf cart battery charger.  Lester only sells the best! Manufactured here in the good ole’ US of A. and offering a industry best 2 year limited warranty on all there products.  Any warranty in this industry is rare, much less a 2 year limited guarantee.  Lester Electric makes a Club Car golf cart battery charger, an Ezgo golf cart battery charger, and even a Yamaha golf cart battery charger.  Lester Electric actually manufactures a battery charger for almost every golf cart application on the planet. While doing one heck of a job making a battery charger that is usually better than factory OEM battery chargers. Ok – I am back to the task at hand.  We are about to order a new golf cart battery charger.  Follow steps 1 thru 5 below to make sure you order the correct battery charger. Things to know: 1.) What is the year, make and model of your golf cart? 2.) What is the electric systems voltage? (“Usually 36v or 48v”) 3.) What connector do you need for your golf cart battery charger? (“Double check if you are not 100% certain you are purchasing the right charger. “) Every Golf Cart Battery Charger will have a product image that will show the type or style of plug connector your golf cart requires.  If still in doubt do not hesitate to contact us directly to get the answers to your questions right now – in plan English.

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