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CTC Lithium Batteries from $40.99 and Up. Free Shipping! Updated daily stock available. All CTC Lithium batteries are designed in the USA in order to streamline the link between individual customers looking for a battery supplier they can trust, and Farasis Energy, a leading US manufacturer of Li-ion battery systems, whose R&D team is continuously developing cutting edge Li-ion technology. CTC (LiFe-PO4) Battery is the only battery supplier in the US to own and manage their own battery manufacturing facility and pack-assembly factory. CTC provides the highest quality products directly from this manufacturing facility in Asia: to date it is one of the most advanced Lithium-ion battery manufacturing facilities in the world.(ISO9001 & ISO14001). CTC has only three things in mind when they design a battery. Power, Weight and Performance! Increase the performance and life of your toy by 500% with this simple plug and play alternative to your current lead acid battery. Reap the benefits of tomorrows battery technology – Today!