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Deka ProMaster Golf Cart Batteries sold by Battery Pete.


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  • Gem Car Battery Deka 8G31S Gel

    Gem Car Battery Deka 8G31S Gel

    $ 323.89

Additional Information

Special manufacturing features significantly reduce time-consuming golf cart and electric vehicle battery maintenance while delivering the industry’s most trusted performance.

Integrated “twist-and-release” vent cap “quick fill” system releases vent caps in a single motion design, making maintenance a snap.

Ergonomic lift handles reduces the risk of slippage. Designed for easier installation

More power on the green.

Less maintenance in-between.

Trusted manufacturers

Deka ProMaster batteries are made by East Penn. The company has grown from a one-room shop in an old creamery with a product line of five automotive batteries to one of the world’s leading battery manufacturers with over 8,000 employees, 450 product designs, and hundreds of awards for manufacturing and environmental excellence. Made in the USA.

Deka ProMaster battery features

  • Fortified internal connections resist performance loss from vibration damage
  • Premium glass mat reinforcement protects battery’s ability to store energy (less recharging)
  • Durable, envelope separators prevent shorting for longer life
  • Large reservoir and ultra-pure electrolyte optimizes water utilization
  • Hermetic cover to post seal prevents terminal corrosion
  • Strong, heavy-duty welds ensure critical user safety
  • Fortified, solid posts impede post damage, especially from heat
  • Reinforced polypropylene case and cover resists breakage under demanding outdoor use

Expert assistance

If you’re not sure which Deka ProMaster product you need, get in touch with Pete’s team who will be happy to assist.