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FullRiver Battery

FullRiver Battery

Battery Pete is proud to carry Fullriver batteries. FullRiver offers a wide range of awesome batteries for all sorts of applications.

Now their newest line Full Throttle will be great for power sports applications where cranking power is needed. And for car audio applications where a true deep cycle-deep discharge battery can handle the load. Day after day, beat after beat, XS Power step aside. FullRiver is great if you want your stereo system to stay wide open or crank it up to full throttle!

The details matter when it comes to Deep Cycle batteries. Construction, plate chemistry, and craftsmanship all have to be in sync to get the longest life in the most demanding applications. Fullriver DC series batteries use heavier pure lead plates. More lead creates more reserve capacity and maximum life cycles. Fullriver DC Series AGM are also constructed with Over-The-Partition welds to greatly increase resistance to vibration and shock. Premium brass terminals provide high conductivity and corrosion resistance to ensure worry free charging and discharging.

Whether you need deep cycling power for your Boat or RV, golf cart or floor cleaning machine Fullriver has the right battery for you.