Full Throttle

If you like high performance and your ride is built to perform you need a battery that is as high performance as the rest of your vehicle. Full Throttle AGM batteries have the power you need to keep all systems a go and give you the confidence to keep on going. Finally a battery that can handle whatever you dish out and why we decided to call it Full Throttle! – Built to run wide open just like you!

The Full Throttle Series AGM battery is built to the highest standards. Full Throttle batteries are made for the enthusiast. Whether you are going fast or going off road. If you need cranking power or deep cycling abilities for on board accessories, winches, hydraulics or hard core stereo systems. Designed around the TPPL technology “Thin plate – Pure lead “. Not to mention the other benefits that make the Full Throttle line of batteries the choice of champions. Specifics like over the partition welds, super high compression rates, specific valve settings and brass terminal connections to ensure power is transferred efficiently. See the complete line of Full Throttle Batteries stocked by Battery Pete. All orders over $99 ship free USA wide.

Full Throttle is a brand of FullRiver Battery Co.

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Additional Information

Full Throttle Batteries are made by the Fullriver Battery Company.

Top Engineers

Fullriver Battery Company has engineers in the USA, Europe and China. These engineers have developed some of the highest quality VRLA technology on the market today.

Unlike many battery producers, they do it all.

This allows control over the entire manufacturing process. From grid casting, plate pasting and final assembly. All are done in house at an award-winning manufacturing facility.

This ensures total quality control.

In fact, they have earned a number of quality assurance certifications including; ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO18001, UL, CE and TUV for quality production systems.


Each FullRiver DC Series, Full Force and the new Full Throttle batteries are designed to be deeply discharged and recharged hundreds of times.

Easy to use

With the sealed, maintenance-free aspect of all of their AGM batteries, you can simply “Set it” and Forget it”.

They have created a true deep cycle battery with superior starting and performance.

Get help

If you would like assistance choosing your Full Throttle battery, get in touch with Pete’s team.