Lester Electrical

Made in the good ole’ US of A. Lester Electrical started in 1963 as a supplier of golf cart chargers. The golf industry has remained one of Lester’s primary customers to this day.

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For all electric vehicles

In addition to supplying only the best golf cart charger in the industry, Lester Electrical provides quality battery chargers for use with other electric vehicles – like all-terrain vehicles, utility vehicles, hunting vehicles, etc…

Wealth of experience

Lester Electrical has manufactured over one million golf cart chargers for the Golf Car industry and offers a variety of microprocessor-controlled SCR and ferroresonant golf cart chargers for export worldwide.

Ease of use

Designed with the end user in mind, Lester’s Link Series, Lestronic II ferroresonant and Lestronic III SCR battery chargers remain the world’s choice for durability, performance, and ease of repair.

Find out more

Visit the Lester Electrical website to learn more about who they are http://lesterelectrical.com/about/ or get in touch with Pete’s team for help choosing your Lester Electrical products.