Summit Series II

Lester Summit II Series Golf Cart Battery Chargers. Made in the good ole’ US of A. Lester Electrical started in 1963 as a supplier of golf cart chargers.

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Below what Pete thinks of this excellent charger.

All New Lester Summit II Series Golf Cart Battery Chargers

The all new Lester Electrical Charger is just brilliant!

Nothing but the best for your golf cart, duffy boat or any other application that requires you to charge a multi-battery power supply with the new Summit II series battery chargers.

We will discuss herein the Pro’s and Con’s of onboard or offboard applications for a golf cart battery charger. But regardless at the end of the day Lester has it all covered with the new Summit Series II golf cart battery chargers because they are designed to be very versatile. Allowing you to finally buy one charger for all your needs and stay connected via your smart phone.

As I said simply BRILLIANT!!!

Lester Summit II Series Golf Cart Battery Chargers

Switch Mode High Frequency Charger

The All New Lester Summit II Series Golf Cart Battery Chargers are a Switch Mode High Frequency Charger that meets or exceeds all DOE standards and compliant with new CEC regulations and standards. It is really all about being able to convert Ac power to DC power efficiently.

Less Stress on the Power Grid

Which equates to less stress on our power grid. ( Nationwide ) and what will eventually add up to savings on your power bill over the years.

New technology for now

Transformer based chargers are our parents and grandparents technology. Those big heavy bulky things still will get the job done but….. if you are in the market for a new golf cart battery charger you might as well spend a few extra bucks now and save more later. Not just from energy savings… but more importantly battery life.

Control your charging profiles

Now that you can control the charging profiles you can fine tune your charger to charge your specific batteries perfectly ever time. If you get an extra year out of your golf cart battery bank – “That’s Huge!” Offset the cost of a re-power which depending on the battery and the chemistry could cost anywhere from $800 to thousands… It is really all about cost of ownership at the end of the day. I am sure there are some people who bought a golf cart for the sole purpose of renewable cost effective transportation over a car as daily transportation.

Flexibility – OnBoard and Off Board Applications in 24v, 36v and 48v.

Regardless of your needs or the make and model of your golf cart the All New Lester Summit II Series Golf Cart Battery Charger is available for your golf cart. Club Car, Ezgo and Yamaha DC side cart connectors for off board use. Or for the Duffy boat owner or enthusiast looking for an onboard battery charger to charge any multi-battery battery bank. Then you still have the ability to purchase different DC side connections separately to convert your on or off board charger to meet the needs you require in a different application.

Industry leading charging performance.

Versatility taken a step further with the Auto-sense feature that allows you to purchase one charger to charge multiple applications. Applications that are 36 volt or 48 volt can be charged with the same charger. Even available in a more powerful industrial application is the 1050 watt models that have the ability to sense 24 volt, 36 volt and 48 volt systems and charge accordingly.

Bluetooth wireless communication with apps for Apple and Android devices.

Now the New Lester Summit II Series Golf Cart Battery Chargers have the ability to connect to your smart phone or other devices from Apple and Android to make your life even easier. Download the app, connect to your new battery charger and set it up for your needs. Set it and forget it!

Cloud Connectivity

You can even store data in the cloud. Download charge history for your application to get into the details of how well your charging system is charging your battery bank. In certain applications this is a major bonus. In todays world of technology and the need for power everywhere we go. Batteries are still a huge part of most peoples lives. We don’t really think about it until you stop and count the devices or tools you use daily that require batteries. So remember ” Big or Small – Pete has them All!” BatteryPete offers numerous brands you know and trust For LESS.

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