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Multi-Purpose Battery Chargers

The NOCO Genius Multi-Purpose Battery Chargers are designed with versatility in mind. All of the chargers in the multi-purpose line are packed with features that are designed to diagnose, recover, charge and maintain a wide range of batteries, in a wide range of applications. The quick connect system allows users to move one charger between multiple applications with ease. Eyelet Terminal Connectors can be left installed on some vehicles, while utilizing the Battery Clamp Connectors or 12V Plug Connectors to charge and maintain other applications. Overall, the NOCO Genius multi-purpose battery chargers are perfect for users looking for flexibility and who want the ability to quickly switch between applications.

On-Board Battery Chargers

The NOCO Genius On-Board Battery Chargers are extremely durable and designed for use in rugged and wet applications. All of the on-board chargers are waterproof, allowing them to be mounted on boats, tractors, and all kinds of equipment. The main difference between models is the number of battery banks. Each bank supplies 10Amps and the product line ranges between 1 bank (10A) and 6 banks (60A). The on-board chargers are best suited for heavy duty applications where they can be permanently mounted and connected.