CTC Lithium Battery

A Guide To Caring For A CTC Lithium Battery

Caring For A  CTC Lithium Battery

Whether you purchase a CTC lithium battery or a completely different battery altogether, there are a few things that you will need to know about looking after it. On this page, we will look at a few of them. This will ensure that you get the life expectancy that goes along with the price tag of a lithium battery in general.

Quality Of Your Battery

Of course, right off the bat it is important to remember your battery is produced with high quality materials. If you start with low quality materials you wind up with a low-quality battery. A CTC Lithium Battery is manufactured the right way every time with high quality materials. If you choose more affordable lithium batteries from other names then right away you have something which probably is not going to last you that long. It is also going to be tough to maintain. Quality has a cost.

Right Battery Charger

It is very important that you use the right charger for your new lithium battery as well. Whenever someone asks us which charger to use I recommend this one. They have been making battery chargers for quite some time and this unit is designed specifically for lithium. We have used these for years without a mishap. As for any other charger just make sure to use a charger which is branded for the specific type of battery chemistry you are going to charge. If you can find a combo set up that is always nice batteries and chargers because they tend to be programmed to work slightly better with the batteries that are produced by that same company. Though, on larger scale projects the Delta Q Technologies line of chargers are designed to work great with any battery or chemistry because they are programmed specifically for the battery specifications prior to shipping and installation. In addition to this, branded chargers like Delta Q or Optimate tend to be constructed from high quality materials as well. Which means they are going to last longer, even if they cost a little more.

Keep It Clean 

Believe it or not, one of the most important factors is keeping your battery charged. Lead Acid is always stored at 100% capacity, but for instance a CTC lithium battery or any other lithium battery should be stored at about 50-60%. Though re-charge completely and then discharge accordingly for long storage periods. Having a well balanced charge is critical to the life expectancy of your lithium battery. So many people forget this little detail.

Don’t Overcharge

It is advised that you do not overcharge your batteries. In fact, in most cases it is not possible with technology today because batteries such as the ctc lithium battery come with a built in BMS (battery management system). Any lithium battery that does not have a BMS is going to be a pain to deal with over time and could be a hazard due to the inherent issues with lithium battery technology in general. This is because any larger size lithium battery is comprised of many smaller lithium cells that make up the advertised voltage on the battery in question. Either run in a series or parallel or both. Do your research prior to buy your next lithium battery. It is not like buying some Energizer or Duracell batteries for the TV remote.

Battery Cycles

Finally, you will need to think about the power you need this battery to generate and maintain to determine the right size battery for your application. D.O.D. (depth of discharge) is very important in lithium battery technology. You do not want to go down to low other wise you will again sacrifice the cycle life of your battery – surely never below a certain voltage – as a rule of thumb usually never below 40% capacity. Most people out there will tell you that you need to fully discharge a battery before you recharge it. Those people are right if you are talking about our grand parents batteries but not lithium. One of the major benefits of this type of battery is that it has no memory effect. Another is the cycle life or life cycles they can deliver. There are several studies out there which indicate that the overall lifespan of your new CTC lithium battery can be reduced by 50% if not cared for properly. So read the instructions and take good care of it and it will take good care of you.