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Stop and read a little every day to learn something new. Read on to learn something new about batteries and how they help our society and increase our quality of life everyday.

The-Benefits-of-Switching-To-Lithium-Golf-Cart-Batteries (002)

The Benefits of Lithium Golf Cart Batteries

Lithium Golf Cart Batteries-It’s Time to make the Switch Most people are familiar with the lithium battery. They depend on its superiority to power many of their favorite possessions like cell phones and laptops. Golf carts are no exception. There was a time when the lead acid battery was the power source of choice for […]

How to Use your Golf Cart Battery Watering System.

 How To Use Your New Golf Cart Battery Watering System Below you will find a step by step guide on how to install and use your new golf cart battery watering system.  Installation should take 10-20 minutes at most. Checking The Water Levels at a Glance Once installed the the most important thing to remember […]

Small Battery Retrofit Kits- Odyssey AGM

Racing Applications Battery Pete is an avid car guy. He understands what you need from Small Battery Retrofit Kits in a racing application. Always use an AGM or Lithium Battery over larger 12 volt lead acid for better mounting flexibility and explosive power.  To ensure long battery life before and after your install:. 1.) Properly […]
Frequently Asked Questions About The Optima Battery

Frequently Asked Questions About Your Optima Battery

Frequently Asked Questions About Your Optima Battery From: alwa_henr To: batterypete Subject: Other: alwa_henr sent a message about OPTIMA Battery YELLOWTOP 8073-167 Acura Honda Mazda Car Battery Sent Date: Nov-14-17 14:10:38 PST Dear batterypete, I purchased a battery 2015 it has went bad what do I do – alwa_henr Alwa – We know how frustrating […]

Frequently Asked Questions About Odyssey Batteries

Frequently Asked Questions about Odyssey Batteries Pete answers your questions about Odyssey batteries. Warranty Question Dear batterypete, What’s the warranty status on this battery, and how would I go about it if the battery decides to malfunction? I am looking at the Odyssey PC680 Battery Kit you offer for 158.80 ( That does include the […]
The Motobatt Battery MBTX20UHD and MBTX30UHD

The Motobatt Battery MBTX20UHD and MBTX30UHD

The Motobatt Battery MBTX20UHD and MBTX30UHD The Perfect Harley Davidson OEM Upgrade Replacement Motobatt has done something in the powersport battery market that nobody else could seem to figure out. They have designed and built the perfect AGM powersports battery. Whether you own an ATV, JetSki or motorcycle the Motobatt battery is the only replacement […]