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Stop and read a little every day to learn something new. Read on to learn something new about batteries and how they help our society and increase our quality of life everyday.

F1 and F2 Terminals

F1 and F2 Battery Terminals – What is the Difference Between them?

What is a Faston Connector and What is the Difference Between F1 and F2 Battery Terminals? Faston Connectors and Terminals have been around for decades. They are most commonly used in small requirement power applications because they are not designed for large amperage transfer. They are very convenient to use as they do not require […]

Key Fob Battery Replacement - Energizer - CR2032

Key Fob Batteries from Duracell and Energizer

Key Fob Batteries from Duracell and Energizer Are you looking for a high quality replacement battery for you car or trucks key fob battery?  These two global brands offer only the best batteries for your car or truck – any application.  Find your vehicle now to get the correct key fob battery replacement you need […]

Big Battery Category Image

Lifeline AGM Batteries vs. Traditional Gel Batteries

Gel batteries have been commercially available since the early 1970s and are still offered by some manufacturers today.  Concorde manufactured gel batteries for many years before developing the AGM technology and therefore is aware of the inherent deficiencies associated with gel batteries. The gel product employs a highly viscous semisolid mixture of silica gel and […]

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BattMobile Gets Battery Upgrade!

Our BattMobile is getting a capacity upgrade!  New Batteries! The BattMobile is our rolling display for car shows and such – beside being a daily driven work horse.  We added several modern luxuries like a 50″ flat screen tv, dual AC units, computer work station, stereo system, fridge, and all sorts of lighting (T8 tubes, […]