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Battery Pete is always out and about, looking for ways people Power their Passion.

BatteryPete on hand at the 2016 Sailfish Boat Regatta Stuart Florida

BatteryPete at the 2016 Sailfish Boat Regatta Stuart Florida What an awesome event!   It’s overwhelming how many great people are involved in making this event happen. So many, all so wonderful – many thanks to all for bringing us the opportunity to enjoy and experience it!   A weekend filled with fun, food and excitement.   From […]
Classic El Camino and Chris Craft - Fall AutoFest - BatteryPete

BatteryPete attends 2015 Fall AutoFest with Burt Reynolds

BatteryPete attends 2015 Fall AutoFest Pete was in Tampa Florida over the weekend for one of the Carlisle Auction events with Burt Reynolds. Burt was there auctioning off one of his Pontiac Trans Am cars. While Burt was showing off Pete was goofing off.  Between all the things on the event schedule he did snap […]
Classic Packard and BatteryPete

BatteryPete finds Packard Museum in his backyard!

Early on a August Friday in South Florida Pete stumbles upon a treasure of american history. Here are a few pictures of some of the cars in the Fort Lauderdale Packard Automobile Museum originally owned by the Stone Family! Enjoy…. Pete vows to return and be able to spend half a day in the museum […]
454 - 4spd Camaro -

The Heart Beat of America IS still Alive!

The Life blood of our country at one time ran on steam, then gasoline and now silicon. Detroit was the center of the universe, not the severed limb of our current universe. Running on High Octane gasoline the mid-to-late 1960’s saw some of the most powerful and beautiful machines ever made in the 20th century. Americans […]

For all those that have served – Semper Fi

Big gun salute on the banks of the New River in Fort Lauderdale. Even within the busy city of Fort Lauderdale, Florida we stop to pay our respects and say thank you for your service to keep this beautiful FREE country that we love.  We remember our fallen heroes. Thank you more than words can […]