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Battery Pete is always out and about, looking for ways people Power their Passion.

Vintage Muscle Cars

Vintage Cars in South Florida

Battery Pete finds himself surrounded by vintage cars often. Pete has a very extensive history in the car world. His family has been around cars since Henry Ford started manufacturing the Model A. Pete’s passion for vintage muscle cars or really anything with a engine in it is undeniable. Pete’s idea of a perfect day […]
The BatteryPete Batt Mobile

Battery Pete was on hand at this year’s Festival Holiday Car Show!

Pete brought out the Batt Mobile to share with all his Gearhead friends what’s new in the battery world for MotorSports and PowerSports.   Showcasing the new line of Full Spectrum Lithium batteries for all the bike guys out there. BatteryTender even has a new line of Lithium batteries. Lithium battery technology is becoming more and more prevalent […]

For all those that have served – Semper Fi

Big gun salute on the banks of the New River in Fort Lauderdale. Even within the busy city of Fort Lauderdale, Florida we stop to pay our respects and say thank you for your service to keep this beautiful country I love FREE and remember our Fallen Heroes. For numerous reasons as my close friends […]