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The Science Behind Why You Should Only Crimp Electric Cable Connections – New Discovery

So this is life… we live and learn… This article will cover the basics and science behind Why and How does BatteryPete hydraulically crimp cable and wire connections vs crimping and soldiering connections? This is just another thing in line with many others over the years where we thought one way of doing something was […]

Which Size Battery Valve Do I Need For My New Golf Cart Battery Watering System

Which Battery Valve Do I Need For My Battery Watering System We get phone calls all the time asking “Which Size Battery Valve Do I Need For My New Golf Cart Battery Watering System?” So you will find below a few charts from Battery Watering Technologies covering the basic battery manufactures that offer Golf Cart […]
TTBLS Battery Technology XC2

What is the difference between a US Battery compared to other batteries?

BatteryPete compares US Battery branded products with some other popular brand name batteries like Duracell, Exide, Interstate, or even Trojan to US Battery. Outer casing SpeedCap venting with a positive locking system, along with Rotocast high-torque defective free terminals and a cherry red, tough polypropylene case design make US batteries one of the best deep […]

Why is the MotoBatt Battery the right battery for your Bike?

Why is the MotoBatt Battery the right battery for your Bike? Well to be quite frank – it is because the MotoBatt Battery was designed with your motorcycle in mind.  A totally new concept in the battery world.  Usually people are building bigger, badder, better faster motorcycles and don’t think about all the little things […]
MotoBatt Batteries Graphic - BatteryPete

MotoBatt Batteries for your Motorcycle

MotoBatt Batteries are designed with your motorcycle in mind! MotoBatt Batteries are not your average battery.  PowerSports batteries in general have not changed for many years. T he makers of the MotoBatt Battery have been studying the way PowerSports batteries are used and came to the conclusion that there are several factors that dramatically affect the […]
Bat Caddy Battery

New High Performance Bat Caddy Lithium Battery from BatteryPete

BatteryPete is the #1 Source for your new Bat Caddy Lithium Battery If you are looking for a high quality lithium battery for your bat caddy electric golf trolley look no further. BatteryPete has partnered with a leading lithium battery manufacture to bring to market a safe high performance incredibly long lasting lithium battery to […]