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The Science Behind Why You Should Only Crimp Electric Cable Connections – New Discovery

So this is life… we live and learn… This article will cover the basics and science behind Why and How does BatteryPete hydraulically crimp cable and wire connections vs crimping and soldiering connections? This is just another thing in line with many others over the years where we thought one way of doing something was […]

BatteryPete Now Shipping Solar Panels

BatteryPete Now Shipping Solar Panels Have you been looking to purchase solar panels? If so, then you know there are a lot of options out there. Probably  the first questions going through your mind are: 1.) What kind of quality can I expect at this price? 2.) Who are these people selling these solar panels? 3.) […]
Solar Power Products

BatteryPete Now Offering More Solar Power Products

BatteryPete Now Offering Solar Power Products BatteryPete has offered quality portable power products for years. Now Pete is bringing to the general public a complete line of solar power products. Top brands like Samlex, ApolloFlex, Magnum Energy, SolarWorld, Hanwha, Topoint and many more. Some of our more popular products to date are our flexible solar […]