CTEK Battery Chargers

CTEK Battery Chargers Features and Benefits

CTEK Battery Chargers Features and Benefits

1.)CTEK Battery Chargers can maximize the life of your battery through a patented desulphation function. Keeping sulphation in a lead acid battery at bay can extend the life of your battery as much as 3x its normal life. The unique reconditioning steps will allow your battery to recover quickly and last longer. Making it a great charger to keep your boats, cars, jet skiis, motorcycles, snowmobiles, and trucks charged up and ready to go when you are ready to go! These chargers will not only recondition a battery but they can even revive a dead battery sometimes.

2.)The New CTEK charger line will also regulate the main voltage in your vehicles electrical system to protect sensitive and expensive electronic and audio equipment. They even have a backup power supply that allows you to charge vehicle batteries without losing your vehicles program settings like seating, climate control, and stereo settings.

3.)CTEK Smarter Chargers will also properly maintain your battery through a series of pre-programmed steps found in the charging algorithm of each and every CTEK Battery Charger. The unique charging process used in these chargers will constantly monitor your battery to understand the current condition and then act accordingly. Learn More By Watching This Video

4.)CTEK Chargers are spark-free and short-circuit-proof. This new brilliant design in all CTEK Chargers incorporates a feature that prevents reverse polarity. Basically now the charger will know if you (your girl-friend or Mom cannot see or know what the big ” + ” symbol means or RED/Black on the battery or battery terminals) and attach one end of the battery charger to the wrong battery post. CTEK chargers will not operate if it is attached incorrectly nor will it spark or blow a fuse or worse. You will only see a little red alarm light on the charger that alerts you (“You’re an Idiot!” – try again please….) So that you can get it connected properly the second time and thankfully you didn’t blow anything up. So the new CTEK battery chargers are really Idiot-proof. Another CTEK patented design is the float/pulse charging stage that is great for those who travel or have batteries in vehicles that need to be maintained or charged while away for months at a time. No need to have a specific knowledge of batteries or their charging methods. All CTEK Smarter Chargers are intended for unsupervised use. They are foolproof to connect, set it and forget it. They are really that simple. True Plug – N – Play technology in a battery charger. Finally! Now even Battery Pete can take a break from answering customers’ questions and helping them sort out all their charging needs and issues with yesterdays charging technology. Thank You CTEK!!!!!

5.)The complete CTEK battery charger line offers numerous chargers for all your needs battery needs. Regardless of the type of battery in your vehicle or vessel.
A.)Do you have a vintage car, truck or boat that is still operating on a 6 volt system checkout this 6 Volt .8 Amps charger. It is the CTEK US 0.8(#56-191)
B.)Are you looking for a great little trickle charger for your motorcycle checkout this 12 Volt .8 Amps charger. It is the CTEK US 0.8(#56-865)
C.)If you have a small application Lithium Battery in your application try this 12 Volt 4.3 Amps charger. It is the CTEK Lithium US(#56-926)
D.)If you are looking for a bit more power car or truck try this 12 Volt 3.3 Amps charger.(Most Popular) It is the CTEK Multi US 3300(#56-158)
E.)If you still need more power for your boat, car or truck try this 12 Volt 4.3 Amps charger. It is the CTEK MUS 4.3(#56-864)
F.)Still needing more power? Try this 12 Volt 7 Amps charger. It is the CTEK Multi 7002(#56-353)
G.)Do you need power on tap? The ability to rapidly recharge or restore a battery? The 12 Volt 25 Amps battery charger is the ticket. It is the CTEK Multi US 25000(#56-674)
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CTEK Battery Chargers
Revive, charge, condition and maintain your vehicles battery starting today with an all new CTEK Smart Charger.

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