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The All New Delta Q QuiQ Battery Charger

The All New Delta Q QuiQ Battery Charger From Delta Q Technologies

Delta Q QuiQ Battery ChargersDelta-Q Technologies has provided quality power management and power conversion solutions that improve the overall performance of your electric vehicle for years. Delta-Q Technologies is a leading provider of battery charging solutions that improve the performance and reliability of electric drive vehicles and industrial equipment.  All of the new Delta-Q QuiQ battery chargers are available in several power levels that are appropriate for your EV or equipment specifically. Check out all your Delta Q QuiQ Battery Charger options now. The Delta Q QuiQ line of battery chargers are highly reliable with charging quality that is bar none. Combine that with the ease of integration and you have a world leader in battery Charger technology. All Delta-Q QuiQ Battery chargers are produced at a Flex facility(formerly Flextronics) In the High Reliability Solutions division for assembling products with long service life and very low defect rate requirements.

Proven, Efficient Design – A proven power electronics design with 93% energy efficiency and sealed enclosure to prevent damage from high vibration, extreme ambient temperatures, water, chemicals, and dust ingress.

Charge Quality – Charge profiles to precisely charge deep-cycle lead acid and lithium batteries. Developed in Delta-Q’s battery lab to balance charge time, battery life and application requirements.

Easy to Integrate  – The QuiQ  can be equipped to go on- or off-board, and is the same mechanical design as all other QuiQ series chargers. Clear display to indicate charging progress and completion. Uses battery maintenance tools for integrated charge cycle and event tracking.

Golf Cart Charger Delta Q QuiQ 48v 48 volt 18 amp with eyelet terminal connectorsFor On-Board Usage – Eyelet Terminal Connectors

For Global Flexibility – Delta Q uses a Global AC input that can be used anywhere in the world.  These products have stood up to the rigorous standards of worldwide testing and certification processes. Delta Q technologies has comprehensive regulatory approvals, including CEC energy efficiency standards.

Additional Useable Features –

  • Battery temperature monitor ­
  • Multi-color LED indicator for >80% charge, full charge, fault ­
  • Field programmable with up to 10 QuiQ charging profiles ­and Download charge / event data using QuiQ Programmer

Delta Q QuiQ Battery Charger  Illustration Dimensions

Here is a sneak peek at some of the popular battery chargers and their specifications


Golf Cart Charger Specs Delta Q QuiQ 1000 Delta Q QuiQ 1000 Golf Cart Charger Specifications


BatteryPete is proud to announce he will be bring on the whole line of Delta Q Technologies battery chargers in 2016.  The all new Delta Q QuiQ battery charger are some of the best battery chargers in the world and can be used the world over.  Whether you need a 24 volt battery charger, a 36 Volt Battery Charger,  48 Volt battery charger, 72 Volt Battery Charger or even 96 volt battery charger, Delta Q Technologies has you covered.
All of the Golf cart battery chargers are designed for on or off board use.  BatteryPete has received numerous requests for on board battery chargers so he went out and found the best.  Now offering to you for LESS!   Delta Q has designed these chargers to operate the world over.  Whether you are in England with common electric current over 200 volts or in sunny south Florida with 110 volts you will have the right plug for your application.

Golf Cart Charger Delta Q QuiQ 48 volt 18 amp Club Car EZGO Yamaha

Golf cart Battery Charger AC Power Cord (AC-Cord) For Delta-Q QuiQ

The new Delta Q QuiQ battery charger we talk about herein can be programmed to your specific batteries. You will need to purchase the Programmer kit or find your local supplier to program them for you. If you decide to purchase a new Delta Q QuiQ Battery Charger from us it will come pre-programmed with 10 basic charging algorithms for Lead Acid , AGM and Gel batteries. Online resources from Delta Q are available for those DIY guys. The 36 volt battery Charger works wonderfully under the seat compartment on my late model Club car golf cart. Totally hidden but able to take where ever and when I need to charge up i just plug her in and forget about it. The 48 volt battery charger is the same size and dimensions as the 36 volt battery charger so for you guys out there with a 48 volt golf cart no worries. She should fit like a glove. Either one of these golf cart battery chargers will work on the respective carts. Club Car golf carts, Yamaha Golf carts, EZgo golf carts, whatever you may have because these chargers are designed for on board use. They come with ring-eyelet connectors you will attach to the battery terminal. Read more about the Delta Q QuiQ Battery Charger line specifically designed for your golf cart.






If you need a golf cart battery charger this is it. If you need a Club Car or Ezgo golf cart battery charger or even a new Yamaha golf cart charger. Look no further – Delta Q has been doing this a long long time. They even have a complete line of industrial battery chargers for fork lifts, pallet jacks, scissor lifts and many many more battery charger options. Learn more