Duffy Boat Battery Chargers FAQ

Duffy Boat Battery Chargers FAQ

Duffy Boat Battery Chargers FAQ

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This Blog post is going to start covering frequently asked questions concerning customers or Duffy boat owners alike that are currently running the Delta Q Battery Charger in their Duffy boat. If you are looking to purchase a Duffy Boat battery Charger you can follow the links below. Currently available in the Delta Q QuiQ Series is a 36 volt Duffy boat charger and a 48 volt Duffy boat charger

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Duffy Boat Battery Chargers FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions:

On Wed, Sep 27, 2017 at 7:36 AM, Steve wrote:
Hi Pete,

I have a question about my charging unit on my Duffy Electric Boat. Would the charging indicator light show a solid green if the battery compartment filled with water and the batteries had been totally submerged in water for three days or would it show a blinking green or red or nothing at all?

Thank you,

Steve P.

On Wed, Sep 27, 2017 at 7:52 AM, Pete wrote:

Wow! Interesting question. Actually I do not know , never had the opportunity to determine what would happen if…. the green light by manufacturers specifications represents charge complete status… all flashing indicators will mean there is some kind of fault. easiest way to determine if the batteries have shorted out and you cant determine by a visual alone is to put a volt meter on them… check voltage and then load test each with a load tester that can reach the advertised Ah rating on the battery. In your Duffy boat you probably have a bunch of 6 volt batteries which are usually between 220-230Ah each. Most common is the Trojan T-105 which is a 225 Ah Battery

Hopefully this was helpful.

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