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Duffy Boat Battery Chargers FAQ

Duffy Boat Battery Chargers FAQ

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This Blog post is going to address some frequently asked questions from Duffy boat owners that are currently running the Delta Q battery charger. If you are looking to purchase a Duffy Boat battery charger you can follow the links below. Currently available in the Delta Q QuiQ Series is a 36 volt  charger and a 48 volt charger.

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Duffy Boat Battery Chargers FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

On Wed, Sep 27, 2017 at 7:36 AM, Steve wrote:
Hi Pete,

I have a question about my charging unit on my Duffy Electric Boat. Would the charging indicator light show a solid green if the battery compartment filled with water and the batteries had been totally submerged in water for three days or would it show a blinking green or red or nothing at all?

Thank you,

Steve P.

On Wed, Sep 27, 2017 at 7:52 AM, Pete wrote:

Wow! Interesting question. Actually we do not know-we never had the opportunity to determine what would happen in that situation.  The green light by manufacturers specifications represents a charge complete status. Flashing indicators will mean there is some kind of fault. The easiest way to determine if the batteries have shorted out and you can\’t determine by a visual alone is to put a volt meter on them. Check voltage and then load test each with a load tester that can reach the advertised Ah rating on the battery. In your Duffy boat you probably have a bunch of 6 volt batteries which are usually between 220-230Ah each. The most common is the Trojan T-105 which is a 225 Ah battery.

Hopefully this was helpful.

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6 thoughts on “Duffy Boat Battery Chargers FAQ”

  1. I have Duffy Boat that has a small LED battery charger indicator light on the dashboard that worked fine,until I accidentally broke the bulb off when messing around with the wiring panel.
    So, I bought a new replacement part (complete harness with wires and bulb assembly) from Duffy.
    I plugged the new harness into the proper matching connector, but now I get no indication, or light of any kind. Duffy guys assured me that I have the right part (assembly).
    Can make a guess at what has gone wrong?
    Thanks for your response

    1. Arthur – Thanks for the question. Sounds to us like the circuit is not complete. Check to make sure you have a good connection , then check to see if there is a fuse link in that harness? A lot of times the new harnesses from the manufacturer do not have a fuse in the link.

      Pete’s team

  2. After cruising for 2.5 hours, my Duffy motor began to shut on and off. Although the power gauge indicated plenty of battery left.

    1. Power gauges are not always as accurate as you might think, especially if considering whether the power is constant or intermittent. We would recommend attaching a DVM (digital volt meter) to the battery bank and route wires and display somewhere you can actually see the voltage drop along your journey. This would be a much better indicator to determine the health of the battery bank.

      Be sure they have a full charge prior to testing, otherwise you will get false readings based on the level of charge.

      Pete’s Team

  3. 16 new batteries in my Duffy. When I charge them charge lite on dash is red. After awhile starts flashing red white and green and alarm goes off. What sure I check or replace

    Thanks for prompt reply


    1. Please give us a call 772.247.GOLF(4653) and our technician would be happy to help you diagnose the issue.

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