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Are You Looking For An E-Z-GO Battery Charger?

E-Z-GO Battery Charger

E-Z-GO makes some of the most popular golf carts in the world. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that there are many people out there looking for an E-Z-GO Battery Charger for their carts. Thankfully, finding the right one is not all that difficult. We are going to walk you through everything that you need to know.


The first thing you need to do is check the voltage of your golf cart. The vast majority of E-Z-GO golf carts will be 36 volts. However, you should still check the manual for your golf cart to confirm the voltage. Many of you don\’t have or can\’t find the owners manual. In this case the easiest thing to do is go out to your garage and lift the seat of your golf cart. Count the battery cells (each cell cap represents 2 volts). Then multiply that number by the number of batteries in the golf cart. Example – My Ezgo Golf Cart has 4 batteries – each battery has six (6) caps meaning it is a 12 volt battery. So 2×6=12 and 12×4=48.


The next thing you will need to determine after you confirm the voltage of your E-Z-GO golf cart is the connection used between the golf cart and the golf cart battery charger. No worries though, because they are pretty standard and all recent models of E-Z-GO golf carts will take exactly the same plug.

Old model E-Z-GO golf carts take what we called the Crowsfoot Connector. Newer model 36 volt E-Z-GO carts will use the TxT style connector or AKA D36 or D shaped connector.  Again, it is always worth checking your golf cart or the old battery charger connection to make sure you are purchasing the right one.

Lastly, the newer style E-Z-GO golf carts are now using a triangular shaped connector. Also known as the RXV connector and all of these golf carts will be 48 volt. So now you should be fine purchasing your new charger, now that you know the correct operational voltage and the connection required to plug in to the golf cart.

Battery Pete and Pete\’s Golf Carts offer all of the golf cart chargers discussed above. We always have them in stock and usually ship with (1) one business day of order. All will ship FREE freight in the US and all come with a manufacturer\’s warranty.

Pete\'s 2009 Ezgo RXV Golf Cart

If you choose to purchase an E-Z-GO charger from someone else locally because you cannot wait the 3-5 days for shipping, we offer this advice. Make sure they are an authorized dealer for the chargers they sell.  Otherwise it is highly likely that if you have an issue with your charger, no warranty will be available. The manufacturers will only honor warranties from certified dealers.

Battery Pete and Pete\’s Golf Carts is an authorized dealer for many global brands and only sells products we believe in and know are top quality. Shop with confidence at or on Pete\’s newest website for anything you might need for your E-Z-GO golf cart. We offers tons of cool accessories for E-Z-GO as well as Cushman and Bad Boy products.