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How To Do Your Own Ezgo Golf Cart Battery Installation

Today I will be doing a basic golf cart battery installation on an older Ezgo Golf cart. This is really a straight forward job nothing difficult here – maybe just lifting the batteries themselves in and out of the cart during the installation process.

A look-over first

We will want to look over the golf cart first because with older carts you will want to check over the battery bank and all connections for corrosion and deterioration. To insure good performance you will always want to replace all cables that need it.

EZGO Golf Cart-

EZGO Golf Cart-New Battery Install-

Get the right batteries

The EZGO Medalist and Txt carts are based on a 36 volt battery bank. Consisting of six 6 volt golf cart batteries. We will be installing a new set of our PowerPro Golf Cart batteries. One of the few batteries available today that are still manufactured in the good ole\’ US of A. PowerPro batteries offer great value and performance at a reasonable price. (Comparable to the Trojan T-105) with 215Ah at 6 volts. Or even the 232 Ah US Battery – us2200xc 6 volt golf cart battery we are replacing in this case. US Battery makes incredibly strong batteries. But no matter how good your golf cart battery might be – unless taken care of and proper voltage is maintained with your golf cart battery charger the life expectancy of that battery system is severely limited.

EZGO Golf Cart-Old Battery Bank-Load Test- Golf Cart-Battery Bank Load Test-Close Up-

Do a test

I always start with a quick golf cart battery test of the system in general. Overall voltage available, then voltage of each individual golf cart battery. While testing voltage I can also run a load test on each golf cart battery. Technically a 6 volt battery should register 6+ volts on the meter, and when placing a 200 Ah load on the battery it should maintain at least 5 volts for 10-15 seconds. This will determine the internal state of the battery in question. If it performs as mentioned the battery is good. I use this cheaper old school load tester for several reasons. One being I can adjust the load applied based on battery being tested. (Most small load testers will only apply about 50-60 amps to the battery at the flip of the switch. Secondly it has two separate meters, one for voltage and one for Amps applied. Lastly they are affordable – old school load testers have a relatively short life span when testing as many batteries as I do.

Check the connections

Once I determine the batteries are in need of replacement I begin the relatively straight forward process. First I will make note of any obvious connection issues (battery cables or terminals with corrosion or defect), replacing anything that does not look fit for continued use or if I feel it will effect the performance of the cart. BatteryPete offers golf cart battery cable kits for all popular models. Bad connections or wire corrosion account for approx. 1/3 of the usual complaints from customers mentioning cart speed issues or available time in service between recharging.

EZGO Golf Cart-Old Battery Bank-Battery Cable Inspection-

BatteryPete offers all the things you might need to do your own professional battery installation. Batteries, Cables, Connectors, and even the best Corrosion treatment and preventative.

Battery Acid-Natural Elements-Corrosion Preventative- Battery Acid-Corrosion Treatment- Golf Cart Battery Cable

Retaining system

Then I remove retaining system, in this carts case it is just the basic plastic spacer/retainer hold down. Secured by two nuts usually 9/16\’. Next I will advise you to take your cell phone and snap a few pictures of the battery bank. This will help you in the re-install phase placing the battery jumper cables in the correct location. After you have done so, proceed to remove the cables connecting the batteries to one another. I will also suggest you lay them out on the ground in the general lay out they are placed on the batteries. Granted they are in good condition and do not need to be replaced.

Pull out the old batteries

Next you can begin pulling out the old batteries. Once complete I will inspect the battery area and frame for obvious signs of leakage and corrosion buildup.

EZGO Golf Cart-Battery Bank Frame Area- EZGO Golf Cart-Battery Bank Frame Area Inspection-Corrosion close up-

If any, I will rinse off with a garden hose to dilute any remaining battery acid. Then after I am satisfied the area is clean, I will let dry then apply a corrosion treatment to coat the frame. This will help offset the continued corrosion process that is inevitable. This is one major design feature with an EZGO that people shy away from – Steel frame – vs the Club Car Aluminum Frame design.

New batteries go in

Next I will begin to install the new batteries, and reconnect the battery cables to their respective locations. After doing so I will also apply a corrosion preventative to the terminal connections on each individual battery.

Battery Acid-Natural Elements-Corrosion Preventative- Golf Cart Battery Bank Installation-Application of Corrosion Preventative-

This will help deter nature\’s elements from setting in and creating a mess or making for bad connections over time.


Well this about wraps up the straight forward process of replacing the golf cart batteries in your Ezgo golf cart. If you have any questions or doubts feel free to call us and one of our team members will be more than happy to answer your questions.

Til next time… Power On…


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8 thoughts on “How To Do Your Own Ezgo Golf Cart Battery Installation”

  1. I just bought an Ez go txt cart with no batteries. This was helpful to know what to look for when hooking up new batteries and the support frame. Mine is pretty rusted out and my first instinct was to replace with aluminum. After reading this I think I’m on the right track.

  2. How do you know which one is battery and negative, since there is no obvious red and black wires like a car? Just learning.

    1. Roxanne – Thanks for the inquiry. Ok basic battery configurations here. If you where to string two or twenty batteries together you will always go positive to negative for a series connection or system which is how all golf carts are wired…. So being after all batteries are connected you will be left with one end open on two different batteries – One positive and one negative. This will be your positive and negative most termination and will have either 36 volts, 48 volts or 72 volts present in your application. All depends on how many batteries are strung together and what the voltage of each battery. Example 6x 6 volt batteries = 36v, 8x 6 volt batteries = 48v, 6x 8 volt batteries = 48v, 6x 12 volt batteries = 72v

      Power On…

  3. Put new batteries in my ergo 36v everything went well but when I checked the voltage at two open ends I had no voltage on my voltmeter . Hooked the cables up cart seemed to run find back and forward. Until I get my 36volt at the connection I don’t want to run it. Any ideas of what I should check? Thank you

    1. Dan – Thanks for the inquiry. If the cart is running after the battery swap you hooked it up correctly. If not it would not run. So being the cart is getting the 36 volts plus required to operate. Possibly the volt meter is bad, or usually has a 9 volt alkaline battery in the back could be dead. Or just not putting the pins on the right terminals…. If you where to string two or twenty batteries together you will always go positive to negative for a series connection or system which is how all golf carts are wired…. So being after all batteries are connected you will be left with one end open on two different batteries – One positive and one negative. This will be your positive and negative most termination and will have 36 volts or better present in your application.

      Power On…

  4. I plan to replace all six 8v batteries in my TXT. To avoid confusion in reconnecting them, I would like to replace one at a time – take one out, put one in its place – until finished. Is this an acceptable way of doing it? Thanks.

    1. Sure… but sometimes a pain to put batteries in place due to space….. I always recommend just taking a fe pictures with your smart phone prior to removal, then pull all and replace all. Just confirm positive negative terminal placement first. Also good to lay out wires as they cam off cart on ground or floor board for ease of re-install unless replacing with new jumper wires.


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