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F1 and F2 Battery Terminals – What is the Difference Between them?

Faston Connectors and Terminals have been around for decades. They are most commonly used in small requirement power applications because they are not designed for large amperage transfer. They are very convenient to use as they do not require any tools to attach or un-attach from the battery in question. F1 and F2 battery terminals are the most commonly used terminals on any small SLA (sealed lead acid) Battery

F1 and F2 Terminals

The F refers to the terminal type – as in Faston Connector

The two terminals are different sizes. See below the illustration provided to determine if you have F1 terminals or F2 terminals.

They can be easily converted. If you need a F2 terminal, you can attach an adapter and make it compatible with F2.

F1 Faston Terminal - Illustration

F1 is 1/8″ (0.187″ or 4.75mm) wide.  Most common in emergency devices.      

F2 Faston Terminal - Illustration

F2 is 1/4″ (0.25″ or 6.35 mm) wide. Most common in UPS backup systems.

Negative and positive terminals are usually distinguished by color. Though some applications will defer and some will go by size of the terminals.

When you buy a battery, always check the terminal type needed, so that you can properly connect the battery to your unit.

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  1. Phil Reichner

    In your photo illustration, the text states “F1 = 1/8 inch” as the terminal width. But the drawing below it shows 3/16 inch (0.187), which I believe is the correct value. But, thanks for the information.

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