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Frequently Asked Questions About Golf Cart Chargers

What To Look For When Purchasing Golf Cart Chargers?

Consumers have many questions when it comes to purchasing golf cart chargers. There are so many to choose from that it can be difficult to know where to start. Here are some common questions that will help you determine the best golf cart charger to invest in.

How long does it take for a golf cart to charge?

It will depend on a number of factors that include the quality of your battery, the battery’s depth of discharge, and the quality of your charger. For older batteries you may find that it takes longer for them to charge. Newer batteries that have only a 20 to 30 percent depth of discharge (dod) will probably take 1 to 3 hours to fully charge using a heavy duty charger.

Does my golf cart need to be charged after each use?

In most cases, it is a healthy practice to bring your golf cart’s battery bank up to a full charge after each use. This is especially true when the cart will sit in storage for a while. When you are using an automatic golf cart charger, they will shut off once the batteries are at full capacity. This will decrease the worry of overcharging your battery.

Should I charge the golf cart in “Run” or “Tow” mode?  golf-cart-chargers

Your golf cart needs to be charged in Run. Tow should only be used in long term storage or if you are going to remove the battery.

What is storage mode?

This mode will take place when the charger is hooked to the battery and wall for long periods of time. Storage mode will occur if the battery voltage drops below a rate that you predetermine, or if 10 to 15 days has gone by. It basically keeps your batteries at full capacity in a safe way while in storage. Trickle chargers will provide a non-stop charge. A charger that has safe mode will only kick in when the battery needs charging.

Does my charger have a storage mode?

Not all chargers provide this feature. If you want it, make sure that you consult a battery charger expert so they can help you choose the right charger.

Can I use a 36 volt charger on a 48 volt golf cart battery?

In no case can a 36 volt charger be used on a 48 volt battery. Voltage matters when it comes to matching up the correct charger and battery. Always ensure that your chargers volts and your battery volts match.

Can you repair a battery charger?

Your battery charger can only receive service from a golf cart battery professional. Ensure that the professional you select has experience in repairing golf cart chargers, as you do not want to jeopardize the functionality of your golf cart battery. They will be able to evaluate the charger and diagnose any issues. In some cases, you may be better off replacing the charger with a new one, as there are many affordable golf cart chargers on the market.