Frequently Asked Questions


Will your Delta Q charger work for my GEM golf cart?

The short answer is ‘Yes, but’.   The OEM Delta Q chargers for the GEM cars are hard to find and expensive if you can ($1100-$1400 is what our customers report).  We offer universal 48 and 72 volt Delta Q chargers that will indeed charge your battery bank, but they will not sense the GEM interlock circuit.  The interlock circuit knows when the OEM charger is in use and does not allow the cart to move while charging.  So if you remove the original charger, that circuit is no longer closed and the cart thinks it is being charged.  So even if the batteries are fully charged, the cart will not move. So this circuit needs to be bypassed or otherwise disabled in order to use any other charger. The easiest thing to do is to leave the original charger all wired in, so that it’s never on and the cart is never locked.  Then connect our onboard charger to the battery bank and mount it wherever you have room.  This will satisfy the two necessary conditions: the batteries will have charge and the cart will not be locked.  Our customers save $800+ doing it this way.  We sell dozens per week. If you order a Delta Q from us (for your GEM car, fork lift, floor scrubber, pallet jack, etc) please let us know in the order notes the type of batteries you will be charging.  The Delta Q comes with 10 charging profiles or algorithms.  Each one delivers amperage a different way. It will extend the life of your batteries and keep them charged optimally if you feed them amperage the way they like to be fed.  It is very cumbersome to set the current profile to the one that matches your battery type (6v 225 Ah lead acid or 12v 90 Ah AGM, etc).   We have the programmer set up in the warehouse.  As a courtesy to our customers, we set that default algorithm for you before we ship.  It comes to you plug and play.  If you order a Delta Q from anyone else, you will get a Delta Q in a box with plain factory settings which may or may not match what batteries you have.  Setting it without the programmer requires you to count blinking lights and know morse code (just kidding, but it’s not fun).

How long will it take to receive my order?

Any order received before noon EST for items in stock is usually shipped that day. Orders placed after noon go out the next day. (We cannot control special orders coming straight from the manufacturer to you, they usually take longer to process.) The shipping time will depend on where you are and which of our warehouses sent your order. Which will depend on the product. As orders are shipped the tracking information is added to your order and you should get an email with a link to track your package via FedEx or USPS which will estimated delivery. Our Free Shipping offer is sent via UPS or Fed Ex or USPS depending on the product, whichever is most cost effective for us, not the fastest. We regret we cannot send orders via Free Shipping to Hawaii, Alaska or internationally.

Why does the shopping cart charge me tax?

The Cart page automatically calculates tax based on your location, our locations, and the applicable laws regarding tax collection.  It’s complicated, but part of being an honest and compliant company.

I’m trying to check out but it doesn’t seem to be completing. But I know my card info is correct. How do I check out?

If you clicked ‘Place Order’ and it didn’t churn on your order for about 20 seconds and come back with an Order number, then the order hasn’t gone through. There are two common situations that cause this: Nine times out of ten the problem with checkout is that the billing street and zip code don’t match where the bank sends your credit card statements. Even if you are 110% sure of your billing address, please take a moment to consider what else it might be.  This will be a ‘Gateway Decline’.  Entering the correct information and hitting Place Order again will make the order go through. Sometimes there is nothing wrong with your card info and you have entered the billing address, number, and expiration correctly. But occasionally our gateway gets a ‘Processor Decline’ from the bank issuing your credit card. This a response to our card processor saying that they sent the transaction to your bank, but the issuing bank for your card declined it. This could be because the amount is outside a red flag setting, or you don’t make frequent online purchases, or you just got a new card and haven’t activated yet, or are at the limit, etc.  You will need to call the number on the back of the card and ask them to approve this transaction. Most likely you will need to speak to the fraud department as they are usually who has set the restriction.  Once they do, you can hit Place Order again and it will go through. Try to do this before the order times out or you’ll have to enter it again. The cart will last longer than your card info. That expires and disappears from the page after a few moments, for your protection. If you have any issues at all checking out, don’t hesitate to call us at 772-444-2280.  Someone very friendly will answer (during business hours) and have it resolved in about 2 minutes.

What is Braintree?

We process credit cards through Braintree Payments, a division of Paypal. We really like them and have had no issues in years. 

Other less frequent questions…

These are not frequent but have been asked before, perhaps the answers can help someone..

Do you make a LiFePo4 charger that will charge / discharge and balance a 48v 20ah 60A LiFePo4 battery? My battery has a 3 pin female XLR connector.

I would suggest using a Delta Q Battery Charger or an Optimate Battery Charger.  We offer both.  Depending on the usage and how fast you will need to recharge the battery will be a consideration and determine which charger is best suited for your application. The brand of Lithium battery is also important because Delta Q chargers are programmed specifically for the batteries they are intended to charge and Delta Q technologies has a long list of pre-determined algorithms in place for specific batteries. In the case of lithium batteries alot of them have not been around long enough for Delta Q to develop one for them. feel free to reach out to us should you have any further questions.

Are Optima batteries covered under warranty?

Optima batteries come with a three year manufacturer’s warranty. Usually they work or not right out the box. The warranty covers manufacturer defects and workmanship only, as in a bad cell or something similar. If you have a battery that is bad or you think is bad, you will need to take it or return it to the authorized dealer it was purchased from. They will then bench test the battery after it’s fully charged to determine if it is a warranty issue or user/operator error or lack or care. So be sure of what might be going on before you send back. 99.9% of the time issues with these batteries is related to lack of proper charging. Or they are left in an application where a parasitic load drains the battery voltage to zero or near so. That is NOT covered under warranty. AGM batteries in general like an Optima like to be charged between 14.4 and 14.8 volts. Most basic chargers or charging systems in vehicles only put out 13.5 to 14.2v, which eventually causes issues with battery capacity.

I am interested in the item: 48 Volt Golf Cart Battery Charger Delta Q QuiQ 48v 18 Amp Battery Charger. I am looking for a lithium charger with a max charge voltage of 61.2v for a LiFePo4 17s 75ah pack. Can this charger be programmed with an algorithm to match?

We are quite often asked about algorithms for lithium batteries. The Delta Q Battery Charger does have the capabilities to charge lithium battery chemistry. But we will need to know the specifics of the battery to reach out to Delta Q to see if they have a pre-determined or previously created Algorithm for that specific battery or if they can recommend another algorithm that will charge the batteries effectively with out issue. We will need to know the Brand/Manufacturer of battery, battery voltage, and Ah rating at 20hr rate.