Frequently Asked Questions About Odyssey Batteries

Dear batterypete,

What’s the warranty status on this battery, and how would I go about it if the battery decides to malfunction? I am looking at the Odyssey PC680 Battery Kit you offer for 158.80 ( That does include the battery, bracket and SAE terminals correct?

Well being you are out of state it is kind of a pain… But the battery has a 3 year warranty in some applications – Zero warranty in other applications… but any how should you have an issue it would need to be shipped to us to test and then determine if issue was caused by ownership or by manufacturers defect – if determined a manufacturers defect a replacement would be sent to you via Odyssey.

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PS – The biggest problem we see with these types of batteries is the consumer is unaware of the charging requirements for these types of batteries… they like to be charged above 14.4v … If they don’t get that high voltage charge eventually they fail… but if they get what they want they last a very long time… I got the same Odyssey battery in a vehicle 7 years now…


Hi Pete,

Can I use one of these SAE Brass terminals you offer on your website for my PC1100 Odyssey Battery?



Ken – Sorry but they do not fit the PC1100 Series battery

Pete – thanks for your reply, just wondering can you make me one for pc1100?

Ken – Well I cannot actually make one for you but I am sure we can find you one. The PC1100 has a different style terminal connection it is a threaded Stainless Steel Stud where as most common size Odyssey batteries like the PC680, PC925and PC1200 are all more of a threaded anchor vs the ER Series Stud. The PC series Odyssey batteries use a Threaded M6 Anchor you would screw a bolt into or in this case use the SAE Brass adapter terminal for a car setup… the ER series (Hence called the PC370, PC950 and PC1100) are all M6 SS Studs because the where designed for powersports like motorcycles, dirt bikes, jet ski etc… and most of those applications use a ring terminal as a connection….

So you will need the opposite style.

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