Frequently Asked Questions About The Optima Battery

Frequently Asked Questions About The Optima Battery

From: alwa_henr
To: batterypete
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Sent Date: Nov-14-17 14:10:38 PST

Dear batterypete,

I purchased a battery 2015 it has went bad what do I do

– alwa_henr

Alwa – Let’s see if we cannot get you powered up again. If you are local you can stop in with the Optima Battery in question and we will load test it for you to determine the issue. Does the battery still have a charge? If so what is the current voltage? Or is the battery completely dead? If you are not local I would suggest calling Optima Battery and JCI directly to find out if your battery issue is covered under warranty. They will ask you a series of questions to help determine whether the battery failure was a manufacturing defect or owner negligence. Usually is the battery has worked for as long as it has it is usually something else that caused the failure within the electrical system. Common symptoms could be lack of use, slow drain due to external load – combined with lack of use, not being placed on a proper charger that will charge AGM batteries. So numerous scenarios can be the cause without knowing the whole story and application/use up til the failure would be hard for me to determine the exact issue. At this point just offering suggestions/ solutions to fix and re-power your vehicle.

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