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Frequently asked questions about your E-Z-GO Powerwise Delta Q QE Golf Cart Battery Charger

FAQ’s – E-Z-GO Powerwise Delta Q QE Golf Cart Battery Charger

Pete and his team are here to help. Here is a new thread about the Powerwise Delta Q QE Battery Charger. If you are looking for a replacement, you can follow this link to the product page. Replacement Charger

All Heated Up!

E-Z-GO Golf Cart Battery Charger 48V Powerwise QE Fits Rxv TxT I received charger very promptly and it looks to be in good condition. I charge cart batteries with it and did notice it gets hot. It appears to be charging ok. Green light was blinking. I don’t recall the original one I had getting that hot. Is that normal? John John – Thank you for your recent order. To answer your question and address your concerns… All battery chargers will generate heat. So they do get hot. It usually relates to how hard they work to charge up the battery bank. The harder they need to work (The longer they are charging, the hotter they will get).  If your batteries were quite low because you were without a charger for a spell it just ran longer than usual. Keep an eye on it for a few more times to be sure once back in the normal use. Only other scenario is if the batteries are quite old and eventually become stubborn about taking a charge. In this case the charger will just keep on charging until the batteries reach a certain voltage or the automatic charger timeout – commonly a 12 hr feature. Power On… Pete  

Why is My Charger Making Clicking Noise

Pete: Why does my charger make a clicking sound every few minutes? I plug it into power, but not into the cart. I place it in a sheltered area, but the sun was shining on it this morning. Thanks.
– paulmdavis
That is the metallic sound of a relay clicking as it tries to make a connection with the cart. If unplugged from cart, I do not recommend leaving plugged into the wall. This will help avoid frying the charger from a lightening strike or getting a power surge from the wall which in the event could /would cause damage to the charger. Pete’s team  
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