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Frequently asked questions about your E-Z-GO Powerwise Delta Q QE Golf Cart Battery Charger

FAQ\’s – E-Z-GO Powerwise Delta Q QE Golf Cart Battery Charger

Pete and his team are here to help. Here is a new thread about the Powerwise Delta Q QE Battery Charger. If you are looking for a replacement, you can follow this link to the product page. Replacement Charger

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E-Z-GO Golf Cart Battery Charger 48V Powerwise QE Fits Rxv TxT

I received charger very promptly and it looks to be in good condition. I
charge cart batteries with it and did notice it gets hot. It appears to
be charging ok. Green light was blinking. I don\’t recall the original one
I had getting that hot. Is that normal?


John – Thank you for your recent order.

To answer your question and address your concerns…

All battery chargers will generate heat. So they do get hot. It usually relates to how hard they work to charge up the battery bank. The harder they need to work (The longer they are charging, the hotter they will get).  If your batteries were quite low because you were without a charger for a spell it just ran longer than usual.

Keep an eye on it for a few more times to be sure once back in the normal use. Only other scenario is if the batteries are quite old and eventually become stubborn about taking a charge. In this case the charger will just keep on charging until the batteries reach a certain voltage or the automatic charger timeout – commonly a 12 hr feature.

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Why is My Charger Making Clicking Noise


Why does my charger make a clicking sound every few minutes? I plug it into power, but not into the cart. I place it in a sheltered area, but the sun was shining on it this morning. Thanks.

– paulmdavis

That is the metallic sound of a relay clicking as it tries to make a connection with the cart. If unplugged from cart, I do not recommend leaving plugged into the wall. This will help avoid frying the charger from a lightening strike or getting a power surge from the wall which in the event could /would cause damage to the charger.

Pete\’s team


You can find information here on 36 volt golf chargers.

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    1. Rick – Good day! Thanks for your inquiry. 2 flashes represents voltage issue, either too low or too high. See link below to another blog article about such lights.

      Sometimes when installing new batteries installer will forget or over look connecting the little wires which go to the charge receptacle on the golf cart, hence not connecting to the battery bank. So when you plug in the charger to the cart, it does not know it is plugged in as it does not sense voltage. Double check the wiring cart-side.

      Check the voltage at the battery bank 48 volt – then check at the receptacle. You should have the same exact number at either location to tell you the circuit is complete. The only other thing in the charge circuit on the Ezgo is the Temp Sensor. It is the little black box on the negative wire about 1″ in length which if blown, you’ll need to replace the whole receptacle and wiring to the batteries. Ezgo does not offer the temp sensor separately.

      Pete’s team

        1. Chuck – The technical answer would be yes, but realistically you would never really notice it. The parasitic load that charger places on the battery bank would be way way below an amp. At the standard discharge rate of lead acid batteries at 10% monthly you would never know it. This is where a smart charger like the new Summit Series chargers from Lester come in handy should you be a seasonal visitor or cart sits in storage for long periods of time. It will turn itself on and off and regulate itself without human input or action if left plugged in to cart.

          Learn more about these new golf cart battery chargers here…

  1. I just put sealed gel batteries in my cart. I have the EZ Go Powerwise QE charger. I have a total of 48 volts. I there any issues with the gel batteries? Any settings required?

    1. Thank you for your inquiry. Yes we would recommend a smart charger that you can program specifically for GEL. These types of batteries have different characteristics then a regular flooded battery and proper charging will allow you to experience the performance and longevity they advertise. That little Delta Q QE charger is not the greatest charger in the world; just a marginal solution Ezgo came up with to give away with a cart sale. Check out the new Lester Summit II Series Chargers or even the higher end Delta Q Chargers. It depends on whether you want to keep the current set up-charge port or if you would like to mount charger onboard so wherever the cart goes the charger goes with it.

      Considering all the options we think Lester has the best charger on the market with the Summit II models… and they have the industry best 4 year warranty

      Power On…
      Pete’s Team

  2. Just replaced 4 12 volt batteries. Wanted to give a charge to the new batteries. The LED on the EZGO cart near the charge receptacle gives no indication and the charger gives very faint rapid flashing green light. Did I miss something. Cart seems to run fine.

    1. Harry – No Worries. Sounds like the charger is charging properly, though sometimes the LED light goes out on the cart side receptacles and will not flash anymore. Also you sometimes see this issue with aftermarket chargers that replace the OE units. Even though they might be better chargers and better for the batteries, they’re not always compatible with OE equipment. You should be fine as long as you see the charger lights flashing on the charger. You can always confirm the charger is working if you do a basic touch test after 30 minutes to an hour of plugging it in. If it is really working the charger will be hot to the touch.

      Power On…
      Pete’s Team

  3. I have a E-Z-GO Powerwise Qe charger. Just replaced the 4 batteries, drove the cart, went to plug it in to charge and the charger flashes 6 red lights. Everything I’ve read is saying to get a new one… thoughts?

    1. Chris – Yes, they are not the best battery chargers out there. Six lights usually means there is an internal fault. I recommend the All New Lester Electrical Ezgo 48 Volt Golf Cart Battery ChargerThey are by far the smartest and best charger on the market. Plus it will take care of your batteries even if you go on a 4 month vacation. Comes with a 4 year manufacturer warranty.

      Power On…
      Pete’s Team

  4. I have a E-Z-GO Powerwise Qe charger. The Powerwise Qe charger LED does not light up – nothing. I’ve tried just plugging in the charger to different AC outlets, that I know work, and the LED does not come on. No LED when plugged into the golf cart batteries or when unplugged from the golf cart batteries. I tried to see if there was any voltage on the output of the charger using a multimeter but no voltage appears on the meter – don’t know if that will work without a load. Is there something else I can check? Will the LED light when plugged into AC outlet but not the battery load? Is it time to get a new charger?
    Thanks for the help!

    1. Unfortunately it sounds like the charger is shot. You should be able to see a light when charging but will not otherwise. Usually you can plug all in and then check voltage on the battery bank of the cart to see if the voltage changed from the resting voltage. But you cannot check the voltage coming out of the DC side cord as all these chargers need to sense voltage before they will apply amperage if working properly. This isn’t a high quality charger.

      Pete recommends the new Lester Summit II charger because they are awesome and come with the industry’s best 4 year manufacturer warranty. Purchase one today and save. Free Shipping!

  5. I have the 48V QE Charger and often leave the cart charging overnight. Is this going to drain my batteries quicker or is there an auto shutoff for the charger?

    1. Troy – Always put the charger on the cart after use to ensure the batteries are fully charged for the longest possible service life of the batteries. And yes, all new style chargers have an auto shut off. The charger is only looking for voltage achieved – once that number is reached the charger shuts off.

      Pete’s team

  6. Question about PowerWise QE 48v battery charger. Three to four seconds after plugging the charger into my cart a clicking sound (like a relay powering on and off) eminates from the charger and the green light flashes in unison with the clicking. What going on?

    1. Pete thank you for your inquiry. The golf cart battery charger is basically sensing voltage once plugged in and a relay clicks internally to start the charger. All new style chargers have to sense voltage before they will turn on and start to apply amperage. The green flashing light is indicating it is charging. Once charge cycle is complete it should go solid.

      Pete’s team

      1. The charger (relay) continues to make the clicking sound every second or so and the green light comes on every time it clicks. I don’t think it is charging.

    1. Sure, there are replaceable parts such as diode, resistors, and such. However, Pete’s does not service used chargers. You can try to reach out to several OE or aftermarket re-manufacturers to rebuild units. Usually by the time you get done shipping back and forth and paying for the repairs, it makes more sense to just purchase a new charger. There are better brands and quality readily available for roughly the same amount of money. Also, new products come with a warranty. Checkout our complete line of golf cart battery chargers from numerous manufacturers here…. Currently I would say Lester Electrical is back on the top of the mountain with the new Summit series II line of chargers. Also comes with the industry’s best 4 year manufacturer warranty.

      Pete’ Team

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