Full Throttle Batteries By Fullriver

Full Throttle Batteries In Review Installed and Tested

Full Throttle Batteries In Review Provided Great Performance Car Audio and Cranking Tests

Full Throttle Batteries are the new kid on the block…. Know for sometime but only recently becoming popular after limited supply issues with other brands similar. FullRiver Battery makes some awesome batteries for numerous applications and other

Fullriver Battery manufactures one of the highest quality VRLA AGM batteries on the market today.  A Full Throttle battery is advertised as a battery that can be deeply discharged and recharged hundreds of times.  They are sealed and supposedly maintenance free. Making for a great battery that you can simply install and Forget it. So we are going to find out over the next few days we will be playing with a few of the shop guys toys and putting these new Full Throttle batteries in different applications to see what we get.

Whether you own an ATV, boat, car, truck, motorcycle or jet ski could be the battery for you. Everyone is always looking for a great battery that will get the job done. Checkout the performance levels and specifications below. These batteries have been tested and tested. Pushed to their limits and more to see how reliable and strong they really are. The perfect OEM upgrade when replacing the battery in your toy.

Tests Performed

All Out Cranking Power, Hard Start ( V8 Engine – Hot ), Hard Start ( V8 Engine – Cold Start – 13 degrees outside ) Slow Sustained Draw, Deep Discharge-Re-Charge….




Car Audio Applications


Cranking/Starting Application


Deep Cycling Applications


Tests in Review

After several days of testing in multiple applications… We took this battery through the paces and they passed on all levels… The Full Throttle Series AGM Battery Provided Great Performance in Car Audio and Cranking Tests across the board… As for how long they will last only time will tell.

So stay tuned for batteries in review next year this time… We will check in on the recent installs for Chad’s car stereo system, My 2015 Chevy Silverado, Pete’s C7 Corvette,  Mike’s Polaris side by side and Bill’s Bass Boat trolling motor battery.