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Golf Cart Battery Charger Talk From BatteryPete

Golf Cart Battery Charger Talk From Battery Pete

It\’s time for some battery charger talk. If you own an electric golf cart, you also own a golf cart battery charger. It is the heart of your electric vehicle\’s power source. And while we have come a long long way with technology and battery design (look at what Elon is doing with Tesla) our golf carts generally use the same battery technology handed down from our grandparents…lead acid batteries. Why? Well basically it comes down to cost. Traditional lead acid batteries are still dollar for dollar the best bang for your buck in this application.

Yet lead acid batteries have a few issues that need to be addressed in order to get great performance and maximize the life of the battery. These issues are lead discharge rate and the electrolyte level (water) For these reasons, a good golf cart battery charger is so very important. Failing to address these concerns could mean  throwing away $700-800 dollars every year or two!

Establishing a good maintenance routine  to monitor and address your golf carts battery needs is essential. Learn more about taking care of your golf cart batteries here   So make sure to check up on your batteries at least once a month.  And if you use a good quality golf cart battery charger you can expect a long healthy life. This brings me to my topic of the day. The ALL New 4th Generation Accusense Intelligent Golf Cart Charger from DPI (Diversified Power International). It truly is the perfect battery charger for your golf cart. It boasts numerous industry first features and a few features that are long over due for our beloved golf carts. Hint: you\’ll especially love them if you are snowbird or a seasonal traveler.

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  1. My charger flashes red very quickly then turns green for about 2 seconds then turns off or no light on the charger. This does not match any of the trouble shooting or warnings. I do’t know what to do.

    1. Teresa – Thank you for your inquiry. It sounds like an internal fault in the charger. We suggest replacing it though we would not recommend buying another one of the same charger. Checkout the new Lester chargers…. much better and have a 4 year manufacturer warranty. See the following options for Ezgo carts–both currently on sale. 48 volt charger36 volt charger

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      Pete’s Team

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