Golf Cart Wheels and Tire Comparisons

Golf Cart Tires and Wheels Q & A

Golf Cart Tires and Wheels Q & A

We get a lot of questions concerning this topic so here today we will talk about Golf Cart Tires and Wheels. So let’s get rolling! (Is it time to do that in style with some new wheels? Shop Now!)

First Question – Will these golf cart wheels fit on my golf cart?

Answer – It will depend on whether your golf cart is still at the stock height or if it has a lift kit installed. On a stock Club Car or Yamaha golf cart they will fit up to an 18.5” tire. If you own say a E-Z-GO they can accommodate up to a 20.5”tire.

Second Question – How do I determine the bolt pattern on my golf cart?

Answer – You can measure this by taking a tape measure and measure diagonally from the top stud hole on your wheel hub to the bottom stud hole. Whether you own a Club Car, Columbia, E-Z-GO, Harley Davidson, Par Car, Star EV, or Yamaha golf cart, they all have standard bolt patterns for the wheels they roll on. Unlike cars or trucks it is quite easy to pick out a wheel or rim that will fit your golf cart. The bolt pattern is 4” x 4” (4 inches x 4 inches or 100mm x 100mm). This is standard on almost all golf carts.

Third Question What size tire can I put on my Club Car golf cart if I have a 4” lift kit installed?

Answer – You can measure diagonally from the top stud hole on your wheel hub to the bottom stud hole to verify your bolt pattern sizing before ordering if your cart is a specialty brand. Club Car Golf carts can handle up to a 20” Tire with the 4” lift kit. A Yamaha Golf Cart can fit up to a 20” tire as well. E-Z-GO golf carts are traditionally a little taller then most other golf carts. They are roughly 2 inches taller. So again the E-Z-GO Carts can handle up to a 22” tire.

Note – If you have a 6 inch lift kit on your golf cart whether it is the Club Car, Ezgo, or Yamaha it will handle the taller 23” tires.

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