Golf Cart Chargers

One of our niche markets is golf cart batteries and battery chargers.  Though Battery Pete offers many choices, choosing a new charger is not difficult because there are only two important factors that will determine if a charger works with your golf cart:  voltage and receptacle. VOLTAGE: Most carts operate on 36V or 48V.   This is easy to determine if you don’t already know the answer.  Take a look at your batteries; if you have 6 batteries x 8V each, you have a 48V system. RECEPTACLE:  Most carts use one of these common receptacle types.  Look closely at the charger receptacle on your cart, and make sure the charger you pick is the same plug. Yamaha 2 Pin Connector2-Prong Crowsfoot 36 volt ConnectorClub Car battery charger round 3 pin connectorSB50 Anderson Connector Thats it! You’re ready to pick out a new charger, and we’re ready to ship it out to you today! We sell the complete line of Delta Q and Lester Electrical Battery Chargers.  Pete gives you an overview of the Delta Q Battery Chargers in one of his blog posts.
Club Car Battery Charger - 48 volt 13 amp

Lester Electrical 48 v Charger
with 3 pin connector

Special Free Service on Delta Q Chargers:   If you order a Delta Q, these cutting edge chargers will be programmed at our warehouse to match your particular brand of batteries before it’s shipped to you for maximum performance! Optional Accessory with Lester Links Chargers:  The Lester Electrical Links Series (shown at left) can be ordered with or without the internal wiring to use or to bypass the OBC (On Board Computer) found on some carts.  Be sure to add this accessory if you need it. If you have any questions, give us a call at 772-444-2280 or email us at to go over your specific setup so you can be confident you’ll get the right one the first time!