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New Batteries – Harley Davidson FatBoy Gets Energized!

Batt Mobile and Customers Harley Davidson

BatteryPete continues to be the guy to call when you need a battery or batteries. Another happy customer today and here is a picture of his ride next to the Batt Mobile. It was a beautiful day and the bike wouldn\’t start because it was sitting for two months in storage.  Pete comes in and gets the job done. New battery in and out 10 minutes. The Harley was ready to go with a new Odyssey AGM battery. No more worries about not starting if it sits for a prolonged period of time. AGM Batteries have a discharge rate of about 2% monthly vs the traditional lead acid battery which is closer to 10% monthly. Battery Pete has what you need when you need it!  Our friendly staff will help you find what you need and get you back into action in no time. Great prices on the global brands you know and trust!

Batt Mobile and Customers Harley Davidson 3