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Harley Davidson Motorcycle Batteries

Harley Davidson Motorcycle Batteries from BatteryPete in South Florida

BatteryPete\'s Custom Harley Davidson

If you are anything like BatteryPete you love your Harley Davidson Motorcycle. Just like BatteryPete the Harley Davidson Motorcycle is an American Icon. Odyssey motorcycle batteries are the number one choice for your Harley Davidson. They will power your motorcycle for seasons to come. You should never take choosing the right Harley Davidson motorcycle battery lightly. Because if you own one now or have in the past you know your Harley demands power to start that big V-Twin but also requires a battery that can withstand high heat and serious vibration. The Extreme series Odyssey battery can handle it, regardless if you live in sunny south florida or Alaska.

You should know your bike and its requirements. You will find that most Harley Davidson motorcycle batteries are trying to start at least 80ci (ci = cubic inches) engines or approximately 1340cc. (cc = cubic centimeters) That is a pretty big engine for a motorcycle so you need alot of power to get that big bad motor started. Motorcycle batteries will vary in size and terminal positions due to the fact they are designed with very limited space. Some batteries are specifically designed for various types of motorcycles. The size of the engine will determine the size of the battery, the larger the engine the more cranking or starting power will be required to start the engine. So, if you own a Harley, its battery is going to be different than a Honda’s battery. There are three top choices in the Odyssey Extreme series line up that will fit your Harley Davidson Motorcycles.


Odyssey PC545 Battery

Odyssey Battery PC545  The Odyssey PC545 is a 12 volt 545CA/185CCA 14 Ah drycell battery w/ female brass terminals made using a military grade “pure lead” design. The pure lead allows the battery to be discharged and recharged completely to full strength over and over again up to 400 times. The PC545’s internal plates are more resistant to “sulfating” which is the major reason for battery failure. The PC545 Odyssey battery has 545 cranking amps and 185 cold cranking amps making it one of the most powerful starting batteries for its size. Standard Replacement for Stock Lead-Acid Battery on your Harley Davidson – 97′-03′ XL,  XLH Sportster, 79′-94 FXR, 91′-11′ FXD/FXST Dyna, 91′-99′ FLST (Side box HD Softail Battery) 07′-11′ FXST/FLST/CVO Softail,

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Odyssey PC680 Drycell Battery

Odyssey PC680 BatteryThe Odyssey PC680 is a 12 volt 520CA/170CCA 17 Ah drycell battery w/ female brass terminals capable of delivering up to 520 cranking amps and 170 cold cranking amps. Its military grade AGM design allows it to take the place of not only a starting battery with its unsurpassed cranking power but also a “true” deep cycle. Its pure lead design allows the battery to be completely discharged and recharged for over 400 times without any damage to the plates. The Odyssey PC680’s pure lead internal plates are resistant to corrosion and sulfating; the main cause for battery failure. This battery has so much power it is used as the Direct replacement for – Small liter auto engines like the  (Nissan 240sx, Datsun 280Zx, Toyota AE86), and of course popular motorcycle applications. Harley Davidson – FL,FLH – EVO MOTORS 1980-1996

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Odyssey PC925L Drycell Battery

 ODYSSEY PC925LMJ AGM HARLEY DAVIDSON BATTERYThe PC925L Odyssey is a 12 volt 925CA/380CCA 28 Ah drycell battery w/ female brass terminals. The \”L\” represents reversed polarity, which puts the positive post reverse of the PC925. Perfect for your motorcycle, ATVs and other powersport vehicles. Odyssey\’s secret is the use of high purity lead. This allows the battery to put out tremendous cranking power while having the ability to be discharged completely and recharged over 400 times. The pure lead design also is resistant to corrosion and sulfation on the internal plates, the number one cause of battery failure. The Odyssey PC925L is capable of being charged at up to 15.2 volts at 50 amps making for a quick recharge time. Odyssey batteries can be charged by any conventional 12 volt charger.  Harley Davidson 1997 to present FLHR, FLHT, FLTR.

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Your Harley Davidson Motorcycle takes good care of you, so you should do the same. Not all Harley Davidson Motorcycle batteries are the same so make sure you are getting what you pay for because alot of battery guys will claim they are selling you a AGM Battery just because it is a sealed unit. Not be fooled do your research or just continue your search here on BatteryPete\’s website to find all the available Harley Davidson Motorcycle batteries he offers – and FOR LESS! Combined with his free freight policies you cannot help but smile. Great prices, great service, and super fast delivery anywhere in the lower 48. Install a new Odyssey motorcycle battery before this riding season. Maintenance free peace of mind backed by the Odyssey guarantee of a quality battery made in the good ole’ US of A. Read more about Odyssey Batteries  and view the complete line.