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The Heart Beat of America IS still Alive!

The Life blood of our country at one time ran on steam, then gasoline and now silicon. Detroit was the center of the universe, not the severed limb of our current universe. Running on High Octane gasoline the mid-to-late 1960\’s saw some of the most powerful and beautiful machines ever made in the 20th century. Americans built some of the most sought after vehicles ever. Lots of them! Some say the cars of yesterday are all but lost and will slowly rust away til they disappear. I say no way! It takes a special person to restore an old car to its original glory. Not just for the love of the car or the feelings it brings when you step on the accelerator. It\’s the idea of preserving a piece of American history. Looking over say a mid-60\’s Corvette with a 427ci Big Block will bring excitement to one who knows the thrill you will find behind the wheel. When you hear one fire up it will quicken your pulse. Take one for a ride and I will bet you will be hooked for life. I have had these feelings and experiences since I was a child. Growing up around a family that has roots in Michigan. Some working for General Motors and others just racing GM cars. My father used to race a few of the rarest chevy\’s of all time. The 1962 Impala 409, and then a 1963 RPO Z-11. Which some historians claim only 50 where ever built, a more exact number from GM archives say 57 cars total. I know my way around a car, and I have the passion for horsepower just like a lot of my customers do. The old cars and trucks from the 50\’s, 60\’s, and 70\’s are still highly desired and sought by many. So rock on everyone out there that likes the old cars and still thinks it is worth the investment to purchase one or two and then take the time it takes to restore one to its original glory! To those few here is a little surprise I ran into last week. Chevy Bob says the classic camaro was originally purchased over 30 years ago for $175.00 . Now that is what I call a good return on your investment.

Garage Find - Classic Chevy\'s - 454 - 4spd Camaro - 454 - 4spd Camaro -