How To Get Software To Track Charging Data From The Delta Q IC650 Battery Charger

How To Get Software To Track Charging Data From The Delta Q IC650 Battery Charger

How To Get Software To Track Charging Data From The Delta Q IC650 Battery Charger

How To Get Software To Track Charging Data From The Delta Q IC650 Battery ChargerNow that you finally took the plunge and purchased the all new re-designed Delta Q Battery Charger. The iC650. You want to take advantage of one of its key features “Charge Data Tracking”. It is really a cool feature to come from a golf cart battery charger for under a grand. Actually for any charger for that matter. We offer the complete line of Delta Q Battery Chargers at BatteryPete. Whether you are looking for an industrial battery charger or a Delta Q golf cart chargerPete has you covered.

Anyhow, we still get calls and questions daily about whats what or how to do this or how to do that so here I am again trying to put this blog post together to help you guys out a little more. I got a call yesterday for a cool cat – Ex-military tech that wanted to know…. How To Get Software To Track Charging Data From The Delta Q IC650 Battery Charger. Usually I am right there with the answers. Whatever someone might fire my way but this time I was stumped! So I did some research after work and made a few phone calls to get the info my new friend needed. The Delta Q iC650 is an all new redesigned unit built on the QuiQ charger legacy from Delta only better than ever. The dimensions have come down, the internals are fixed, new features such as this USB accessible data tracking, not to mention the thing is super rugged durable. You can watch a crazy clip on one of the product pages where they demonstrate just how so.

Now that we got the basics out of the way and gave you a laugh lets get down to the specifics and get technical. As we know the Delta Q iC650 is a digital smart charger capable of charging any mainstream battery technology (chemistry) like Lead Acid, AGM, Gel and even Lithium. It is handled internalls by a pre-programmed algorithm specific for your battery type. The boys at Delta Q Technologies have spent years developing different algorithms for 100’s of batteries. Which only happens after doing tons and tons of R&D tracking charge and discharge data. Now they have once again set the bar and put that same power in your hands.


All of the new iC Series chargers will record data such as capacity returned, charge cycle completion or interruption, and the charge profile being used. This data is  useful in vehicle or machine diagnostics. The software will enable you to easily view and understand charge tracking data from your iC Series battery charger. While on the specific topic if you are looking to download the Delta Q Software here ya go – (IDAT) Simple IC Data Analysis Tool .

Through software and accessories, original equipment manufacturers could customize their Delta-Q battery chargers for solutions to better fit the application they needed. Now that power is in your hands with additional features for the customer. Delta-Q offers this software to support charger programming, battery troubleshooting and charge cycle data analysis. Chargers can be customized with different AC and DC cabling, remote LED signaling, connectors, temperature sensors, and carrying handles to name a few. The Delta Q iC650 battery charger also has a broad AC input range of 85-270V, which enables it to used globally on any single-phase electrical grid. Awarded regulatory approvals far and wide for use in electric vehicles and industrial equipment sold internationally. It is a slam dunk for Delta Q Technologies and the next generation of smart battery chargers. We are proud to offer such a product to you. If you would like to learn more continue reading…

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