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Flashing Lights on Ezgo Charger – Delta Q QE

Flashing Lights on Ezgo Charger

We frequently get calls about the flashing LED indicator lights on the OEM Ezgo golf cart battery charger by Delta Q Technologies. We will go into some specifics here to cover what each light color represents and any combination of colors flashing together. The LED display is a great visual representation for charger status at a glance.

The Delta Q QE EZGO golf cart battery charger flashing LED charge indicator lights communicate several different degrees of  charger status during the charge cycle.


1.) A Short Green Flash = The golf cart charge status is less than 80%.
2.) A Long Green Flash = The golf cart charge status  is more than 80%.
3.) Solid Green = The golf cart charge status is 100%.
4.) Red Flash = Fault Code.

Fault Code Information

LED Fault Codes

1.) Red Flash – Light comes on briefly but nothing after that. Check for valid AC power going to the golf cart battery charger.

2.) One Red Flash = Charge Enabled Fault. Check for poor contact in the DC side connector. Check the plug position in the cart side receptacle to ensure good contact. Might also be  a battery temperature issue or fault. Battery Temperature could be greater than 122 degrees Fahrenheit or 50 degrees Celsius.

3.) Two Red Flashes = Battery Voltage Fault. This results from too much voltage or not enough. If the golf cart\’s battery bank is less than 36.0 volts or more than 67.2 volts you may get this fault. It is usually because the battery bank voltage is too low and the battery charger does not sense enough voltage to kick on and start to apply voltage and amperage.

See my article – How to get your golf cart battery charger to charge dead batteries.

4.) Three Red Flashes = Battery Charger Timeout. This means the charge time was exceeded. This could be any combination of things:

a. The Battery bank is severely depleted over 50% D.O.D. (Depth of Discharge)
b. The batteries are old (sulfation/build-up on lead plates does not allow amperage and                                     voltage to pass thru freely causing excessive resistance, generating heat.  In this case you might                   need to replace batteries.
c. Charger output current severely reduced due to excessive length of electric extension cord used                   to reach AC power source or high ambient temperatures.

5.) Four Red Flashes = Battery Charger Timeout. This means the charge time exceeded the safe parameters and operation of battery charger set by the golf cart battery charger manufacturer. It indicates a problem with the battery bank voltage not attaining the required nominal voltage level required to shut the charger off within the maximum time allowed.

6.) Six Red Flashes = Charger Fault: Detects an internal fault. Try to disconnect AC and DC connectors from cart and wall socket. Wait a few minutes (10 minutes) to be sure. Reconnect Ac power first then DC connector to golf cart. If fault 6 is again displayed after unplugging and then plugging in the DC power cord, the charger will need to be replaced or should be brought into a qualified service center.

Need a OEM replacement for your old charger?

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22 thoughts on “Flashing Lights on Ezgo Charger – Delta Q QE”

  1. I just purchased a new charger from here but I get the same red and green flashing light it is more than 6 times. I have a 2012 ezgo battery powered golf cart. What do I try now?

    1. We would recommend finding a local golf cart specialist to help diagnose the problem. It is obvious something else is going on. All these chargers are bench tested prior to shipment so unless the package arrived severely damaged, we would think it is something else cart side. Are the batteries completely dead? Does the golf cart run and drive now? Check the voltage at the receptacle on the golf cart. Next compare that number with a number you get when you check the voltage on the battery bank as a whole (positive and negative most terminals). Voltage should be identical and tells us all is good in the circuit from the receptacle you plug the charger into, to the batteries themselves. If the number is not the same or almost the same that is where the issue lies.

      Power On…
      Pete’s Team

  2. Wondering where this article is located: “See my article about – How to get your golf cart battery charger to charge dead batteries.”

  3. I’m getting the 2 red flashes code. Battery voltage fault. I have a 36 volt cart brand new batteries, and I’m reading 35.10 vdc. Am I getting this fault because I’m < 36VDC? If so will I get this fault after every use?

    1. Randall – Thank you for your inquiry. The battery voltage fault light will activate when the golf cart batteries are too low or too high. We would think 35 volts is still well within the limits of that charger to turn itself on…thinking those Delta Q QE Golf Cart Battery Chargers required approximately 30 volts to activate the relay.

      Check the voltage with a digital volt meter at the battery bank and then do so at the golf cart battery charger receptacle on the cart where you plug charger into charge. You should have the same voltage there as on the batteries. If not, then that tells us there is a break or resistance in the charge circuit somewhere. A problem with corrosion or heat generation or even vibration could loosen a connection. If you do get the same voltage then we would begin to think the charger may be on the fritz. Those are not the highest quality chargers available. They were just an affordable option for Ezgo to make and give away with new carts. If it is the charger we would recommend the new Lester Summit II Series Golf Cart Battery Charger which is awesome and in our eyes the best one available now. It will meet all of your needs and wishes in a charger plus they have a 4 yr manufacturer warranty. Currently on sale for over 100 bucks off list. Check them out and learn more here

      Hope this was helpful…
      Power On
      Pete’s Team

  4. RXV 2015 have had the blinking red light on charger! Still have it after changing out batteries. Even tried two of my friends chargers after change out, same results approximately 4 red flashes. When I check charger the following day it is solid green. If I unplug and plug in immediately it will flash red 4x’s. Lost

    1. John – Thanks for your question. Have you tried your charger in someone else’s cart as well? Just curious. It sounds like it is getting or giving a over/under voltage fault. A bad connection or resistance in the charge circuit is most likely the cause. It could even be the thermistor in the charge circuit (the little black box, 1 inch long on one of the wires coming from the golf cart battery charger receptacle to the batteries). Unfortunately if this is deemed to be the issue you cannot replace just the temp sensor (thermistor). You would need to buy a whole new DC side Ezgo TxT/Rxv Battery charger cart side receptacle Ezgo has a corner on that market. We have tried numerous others we thought would work as a fix without buying the whole darn assembly but still to date have had no luck.

      Hope this was helpful.

      Power On…
      Pete’s Team

      1. I have a 48 volt system, I replaced the batteries, but I can’t get a 2 flash fault to clear. Could it be that the charger is bad?

        1. Andrew – Yes it is possible. If the charger is not charging and you have new batteries, it should charge if all wires are re-attached correctly. The easiest way to confirm this is to check the voltage on the battery bank with a DVM (Digital Volt Meter)at the positive and negative most terminals (48v). Then whatever number you get, 50v, 51.2v etc., check at the charger receptacle on the cart. You should get the same number at the receptacle if it is connected correctly or circuit is complete. If not, that’s the issue and the charger is inoperable. In our opinion these aren’t quality chargers. That is to say that Delta Q makes good stuff but these are the least expensive ones they make for Ezgo because it is a giveaway to customers buying a new golf cart. Now you can get the all new Summit II available from Lester Electrical. Lately we’ve had a lot of customers replacing the Ezgo Delta Q QE with these, as they are much smarter and have an industry best 4 year warranty. You can read all about the new Lester here…

          Power On…
          Pete’s Team

  5. Thank You!!! My batteries were neglected and completely dead. My charger was flashing red. I used a 12 volt charger and carefully quick charged each of the 6, 8volt batteries to at least 7.5 volts as recommended. After several series of 5-10 minutes per battery charges, my charger sensed enough voltage to begin charging!. Great article.

  6. My charge flashes green – I am not sure how to determine a quit green flash from slow. Currently it flashes about 1 a second.

    How long does it take to fully charge?

    1. Ray – Thanks for your inquiry. The good news is, it sounds like the battery charger is doing its thing. How long it will take to charge is an unknown since we would need to know how discharged the battery bank is and the size of the battery bank. Size is usually determined in Amp Hours (Ah) and is displayed on the battery sticker as the 20hr rate in Ah. They factor into the output of your golf cart battery charger in question. Then it is just basic math. For example…If you had a 200Ah battery bank that was 50% discharged and a golf cart battery charger that put out say 15 amps it would take the charger roughly 6.5 hours at 15 amps to re-charge the battery bank.

      Pete’s team

  7. My charge flashes green – I am not sure how to determine a quit green flash from slow. Currently it flashes about 1 a second.

    How long does it take to fully charge? Model 915-4810

  8. We have a fleet of 48volt carts. Right now about six carts start out charging okay – flashing green. But sometime overnight the charger either shuts down (no flashing light) or goes to one red flash every five seconds. We service the batteries every month and give the receptacle rad sok contacts a healthy dose of WD40 at the same time. I have moved the chargers around from other carts, so I know that is not the issue. I have also checked the batteries with a DVM and a load tester and they are good. I see on an earlier response you mention temperature and the Thermistor . Is this what I should be looking at next?

    1. Bill – Usually when you can determine the charger is working fine on another cart, we go to the thermistor on the DC side charge circuit. Unfortunately you cannot buy just the temp sensor, only the whole DC side charge receptacle with wires and temp sensor attached. We recommend not purchasing from the cart manufacturer as it could run more than $100. Since Battery Pete buys in bulk, we have better pricing. See link below should you want to try to replace a few to see if it solves the problem. This is usually the fix.

      Pete’s team

    1. Thank you for your question. New batteries are like a sponge. They will suck up electricity for hours and hours at a lower level of amperage. Sounds like the charger is working normal. They have algorithms that change the amperage output thru the charge cycle , so it sounds like the charger has reached final phase as the battery bank has reached 80% + capacity. It will still charge for hours at lower amperage. New batteries need to have the plates energized and usually thru usage this happens over time. On average this takes 20-25 charge cycles to do.

      Pete’s Team

  9. Have an EZGO RXV, Just bought new batteries and installed. After several hours, the charger is still flashing quick green. Is it possible I wired something in wrong? With new batteries, how long should a full charge take?

    1. It all depends on the charger, the batteries, and the voltage. New batteries take longer to charge because the electrolytes and the lead plates have to be exercised to hold a charge. Please give us a call and we can help you further.

      -Pete’s Team

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