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How To Replace Golf Cart Batteries

How To Replace The Batteries In Your Golf Cart

The time has come to replace the batteries in your golf cart.  So here is a basic step-by-step “How To” article for the guy that wants to save a few bucks and knock the job out at home.  This is a very straight forward job for anyone that knows their way around a tool box.  So if you are a seasoned DIY kinda guy, no worries.  You will be having beers with your buddies or out on the lake fishing before you know it. You will need a few basic tools to replace golf cart batteries. Like..
  • a ratchet and socket set, or specifically a 1/2 and 9/16 socket or open ended wrench
  • battery carrying straps
  • long handled scrub brush
  • safety glasses
  • easy access to water and a water hose
  • a good quality corrosion block product or two
  • a few rags to get the job done
Of course you will also need a good quality golf cart battery. In this case we are going to use the Trojan T875 Golf cart battery. Trojan has been manufacturing golf cart batteries for decades so they know what they are doing. The products they make are hands down some of the best in the business. How To Replace Golf Cart Batteries by BatteryPeteWe are replacing the batteries in this cart because they are a little over three years old and it looks like one battery is newer than the rest. This creates a mixed batch of batteries and brands. The odd battery does not have a label so we cannot even determine the Ah rating. But, it is showing signs of ballooning and when we load test it, it doesn’t perform very well. All new style golf cart battery chargers charge through the on board computer so they know how much amperage to apply to the battery bank and for how long. Currently this golf cart has a Lester Electrical 48 volt 13 amp Links Series golf cart charger hard wired into the rear cargo area. Right now Battery Pete is offering a blow out sale on this charger at $288 – Free shipping!!! Learn More about Golf Cart Chargers. Stay tuned to the Battery Pete Blog because we will be doing another article on this cool custom Club Car golf cart as we swap out chargers. The current Lester Links Series just isn’t the best brand to be used as an on-board charger. It is taking up 25% of the cargo space under the rear seat. We will be installing the New 912-4800 48 volt 13 amp Delta Q QuiQ golf cart battery charger which works better for on-board use. We will  mount it out of sight and reclaim our much needed cargo space.

Step One-Take Pictures!!!

Even Battery Pete’s team takes pictures before a project like this.  It is so easy to forget where “that wire” goes, especially if you get side tracked once you start this job. Everyone on the planet walks around with a camera in their hand these days – use it! You will thank yourself  later when you need to reference something  during the install. Golf Cart Battery Swap On Custom Hummer H1 Club Car 4

Step 2-Disconnect Batteries

Disconnect, clean, and inspect each battery cable as you remove in to make sure they are still in good shape. Check for corrosion or breaks in the cables that could cause issues with cart performance. Should you need to replace them, check out our golf cart battery cables section. We offer cables individually or as complete kits (stock OE or high performance). Lay them out if possible the same way they sat and attached to the top of the corresponding batteries. This makes it easy to figure out what goes where during the installation. Next you will use your handy battery straps and remove the batteries. As you pull out it is wise to set down in the same orientation they were in the golf cart so you can look at a glance when you grab the new ones to install correctly. Golf cart batteries are heavy, so the less you have to handle them the better. You may need to replace the golf cart battery hold downs as they tend to rot out from years of battery acid leaking on them. Golf Cart Battery Swap On Custom Hummer H1 Club Car - Frame Corrosion

Step 3-Clean Battery Hold

Once all the batteries have been removed, push the cart outside somewhere you can access a water hose. Spray down the entire battery hold and get out that long handled scrub brush to help remove any corrosion or dirt/grime from the frame rails. Now take a five minute break while it dries out. We use air pressure at the shop to blow dry the area to speed up the process. Once dry you will apply some type of corrosion block or preventative. The best on the market for any alloy is called exactly that “Corrosion Block”. It comes in a tail narrow aerosol can that is blue, silver and white in color. After you thoroughly apply to the frame rails that come in contact with the golf cart batteries you are ready to install the new batteries.

Step 4-Install

Place the new golf cart batteries in their respective slots or place. Hook up all the jumper wires (battery cables) that connect all the batteries to create the 48 volt operating system. Now check all functionality of your cart (forward, reverse, lights, stereo, etc…) to make sure all is working properly. After a quick spin around the area, you should feel the the power of the new batteries and see the lights shining brightly. Almost Done… DIY Golf Cart Battery Swap On Custom Hummer H1 Club Car If all is working properly then you will want to apply a slightly different type of corrosion preventative to all the terminal connections. We use BatteryPete’s Corrosion Preventative in our shop but if not available in your area a product from Quick works great as well. Quick Cable Corrosion Preventative. It comes in an aerosol can as well so no messy brush or goop to apply; just aim and spray.  It sprays on white so you can see the area covered but dries clear, You’re done! Golf Cart Battery Swap On Custom Hummer H1 Club Car - Complete